VCC = the worst decision you could make !

I would not recommend Vancouver Career College or any other Eminata-owned school to any individual. I strongly advise all prospective students to avoid the following owned Eminata schools:

  • Vancouver Career College
  • CDI College
  • University Canada West
  • PCU College of Holistic Medicine
  • Vancouver College of Art & Design
  • Reeves College
  • Star Education Centre

The Eminata Group is run by unethical members who have a history of defrauding and cheating students out of money and their education. Eminata and its members have been in the news frequently for their shady business practices and the thousands of complaints from students whose lives and finances have been ruined by this organization. 

Eminata makes the news in The Province two-part investigative piece.

This blog has been made to help prevent other students from being scammed, conned, defrauded, or wasting tens of thousands of dollars on an expensive, inferior education they could get for half the price (or less) at a local public college. Please beware: if you attend any of these colleges and are scammed or have any issues - the chance of a refund from the Eminata Group is unlikely. You can complain to local agencies, but the chance of action on your behalf is still very slim. You will be forced to hire legal representation to fight Eminata in court - and since it's a large corporate organization you will have a difficult time.


To read more about the members who run Eminata, investigations into their schools, complaints, and more information - see the sidebar of this blog and decide for yourself. You'll be thankful you heeded my advice!



If you have been scammed by an Eminata School make a formal complaint to one of the agencies listed on the sidebar (varying in each province). Some may have legal time limitations in which they can act on your behalf, but even if the time limitation has passed - you can still make a complaint which they will hold on file for reference and to gather evidence for future investigations and action. 

After making a formal complaint you can also contact your local Ombudsman as well as email your Premier, the various leaders of your local political parties, your Minister of Education, and any other organizations (especially media) that are relevant. All this information can easily and quickly be found on the internet through a simple search.

Eminata is counting on you to do nothing and simply accept being scammed/overcharged and pay off the loans you were conned into taking for the lousy "education" you received at one of their "schools".

If you are in BC, please email and complain to:

Premier:  (250-387-1715)

Minister of Advanced Education:  (250-356-0179)