Government investigating how private email ended up in hands of Eminata Group


The Ministry of Advanced Education is investigating how a senior member of the Eminata Group, a Vancouver-based education conglomerate, came to be in possession of private correspondence between The Province and ministry staff.

Advanced Education Minister Naomi Yamamoto said on Monday that she has directed her staff to look into how an email dated Feb. 20 from The Province to the ministry, relating to a story on the Eminata Group, ended up in the hands of Randy Cox, the company’s president and CEO.

Yamamoto was asked the question by NDP critic Michelle Mungall during Question Period in the legislature, to which she replied: “I did not share my email with the gentleman that you just referenced.”

Yamamoto said she can offer “100-per-cent” certainty that she personally didn’t forward the email to Cox or anyone else attached to the Eminata Group, including its founder and executive chairman, Dr. Peter Chung.

“I’ve asked my staff to look into the matter and we will see what comes out of that,” she said, adding she has met both men in the past but doesn’t have a “personal relationship” with either. “It certainly didn’t come from this office.”

Earlier in the legislature, NDP Leader Adrian Dix asked what the government is doing to address complaints from international students relating to University of Canada West, one of Eminata’s six schools. UCW was one of three Eminata schools looked at by The Province in a two-part series raising questions about business practices and quality of instruction at some of the schools.

“Can the minister tell us what actions have been taken?” Dix asked in reference to the UCW complaints, which have also been reported in the media in India.

In response, Yamamoto said it was her understanding that no formal complaints have been lodged.

The Eminata Group didn’t respond on Monday to queries about the email.

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