Student Complaints: CDI College

The following are student complaints about CDI College, run by the Eminata Group. All complaints have been taken directly from the internet. I have tried to show links to the original sources I quoted from. (Please note: in time these links may disappear or change). 

The following have been taken from College Times:

"What a waste of one star. I went to CDI in downtown vancouver. First of all their diplomas suck so don’t waste your money and time. This fucking guy sold me a contract and got me to sign for $12000 student loan and so it begun. Their instructors suck by the way. After a week of attending their travel and tourism program I knew it wasn’t for me so I went the office and asked them if I can just cancel the program but they said there was no cancelation and I would have had to pay 50% of that $12000 to get out of it. Long story short I just switched to accounting and got an extra $3000 student loan on top. After 6 months of studying hard and not missing a single day I got sick and the clinic told me to take a week off studying. So I went to school and told my instructor and he said it was all good. But before the week was over the principle called me and left me a message. She said dont bother coming back to school cause you missed more than 2 days. I was devastated. I called my bank to cancel the rest my student loan $6000 which they had to take after we were finich the course but unfortunately they took the rest of money before I even had a chance to cancel. Now I’m stuck with a big loan, no job and no diploma. I can’t go to any other collages because my credit is very bad and I can’t get a student loan. I hope CDI collage burn in hell for they’ve done to so many people like me.  -- Mina"

"Returning to school 20 years after earning my high school diploma to study as a licensed practical nurse seemed like a dream and demanded a great amount of courage with a single family…the dream became a neverending nightmare witch took place in laval but other horror stories from montreal and longeuil are still happening. Reading all students posts from campuses around entire canada made me see that this, these schools are like a strong bacteria. All the situations described are soo similar, the same problems, irrespect, harrassement, lack of professionalim and boundaries, failure to provide education, non-respect of the delays witch leads (future lpn’s )to expect a diploma MONTHS after the date they thought they would be done. Ridiculous selection exam with answers written on it that anybody can do! 

Teachers without any degree or any idea how to teach, lead a class, make it professionnal, taking one hour breaks, ending classes 45 min. earlier all year long. Talking about bs, the personal life, sex, xenophobic comments, jumping many chapters of all the books saying its not important, teaching only what would be in the exam and telling what would be in the exam, encouraging the looser students to be more of a looser by that matter. In a class of 30, there seemed to be 2 or 3 persons who would have the capacity of earnign a diploma. The majority of the students barely could write a sentence without major spelling mistakes, had great difficulties understanding the notions we study as future nurses and many managed to earn a diploma with all the lies and falsifications of the school. 

Due to the fact that this school accepts ANYBODY who is willing to pay, and the government who gives MASSIVE students loan. This course is 22 500 + loans= about 30 000$ to repay for the rest of your life. + other loans you have to get on your own bc 6 months after you aren’t done in time with the stages. Many girls made the stage called surgery, the teacher was in the hospital for 2-3 days on an almost 3 weeks practicum where you are supposed to work so hard and learn so hard!! They got 100%. I was fortunately a passionate student with already an education before cdi, but still, getting good grades does not matter when every students are getting the 100% even if they are totally off track. 

I was stunned at the number of students who were drug addicts, exotic dancers, got their children away from them for neglect, took many pills, came from a very troubled background, were mean and catty. The teachers were ALL nasty, deeply troubled persons, it is impossible to put a feet in the campus without witnessing fights, problems, unhapiness or simple SHIT. It is not a shame to have had a troubled childhood or experienced problems in your life: if you overcome it and become a good person willing to give your best! These students are vulnerable people, the college targets vulnerable people (single mother, immigrants, very low grade students..) promising miracles that won’t happen. Even if I am blessed by my abilities in the nursing world, I still do not feel secure and self confident because of the failure to provide a proper and rigourous education. I fear not finding a job bc of the name of that college. I will never give up. But I am experiencing a near obssession with all I went through at that college, what I saw, how I have been treated. The only persons who had the honesty and integrity to RAISE AN EYEBROW at anything going on there, including me experienced, bullying, were left alone, threatened by teachers, laughed at, rejected. 2 50 year old woman were changed classes bc they expressed disaprovement..and never finished school. 

My teacher warned all the students in my class not to talk to me, forbade them to take breaks with me, and most did it. It took me courage to continue my classes and stage..I was not the only student in that situation..13 students left and abandonned for same reasons. Through my researches on the net, thousands of negative comments and horror stories, I found out that it is not only in the practical nurse program that IT occurs but in many programs (computer and web, addictions workers etc..) and not only in Laval and Montreal but in all the provinces. The journalists here in Quebec want the students and make enquiries but they want the students to appear on tv. A journalist gathered a group of woman but they changed their minds out of fear. It’a difficult decision to take. Never and individual should go to a school to become a nurse, with hope and courqage, wanting to learn despite the fatigue, for the sake of his, her family, in hope to be a professionnal who will help and care about patients..and experience a nightmare like this one. Please do not go to this school! Please wait for a community school, do not take the easy path. Avoid at all costs because it will cost you more thann 22 000$  -- Sad and Trapped"

(* Blog editor's note: this all sounds so familiar! Been there!)

"cdi in Edmonton AB is a complete scam pls don’t attend it unless you are planning to be homeless for your entire life What can I say CDI College is a scam, go to website CDI Sucks, CDI is a bloody scam. Don’t go there, there just milking your money dry. Rather go to a real school not some private school that only care about enrolling. Soon as you enroll companies that own CDI get paid fees for each students enroll. Like I say its a bloody scam.  -- CDI Edmonton, AB"

"Hey I just have one question. I attend the CDI Mississauga campus in the social worker course. I am about to finish this course and I have started to look for my co-op placemant which is mandatory for graduation the placement has to be 300 hours. To my surprise I have started calling different agencies and have been told that they will not offer me any placement becasue I go to CDI College, Some very good places like YMCA or CAMH are very good. Specially CAMH (Centre for mental health and addiction) only take students from colleges that offer a 2 or 3 year social worker course diploma and do not recognize CDI College. Colleges in Ontario like Humber, George Brown or Centennial college also they offer placement for students that attend good universities like U of T of Ryerson. Here are some examples below.
The best thing is that I have been told that CDI provides the placement for you now they are telling me to find it myself and if I dont finsh it in a certain time frame right after my graduation I will have isues with OSAP. Now if all these agencies dont take CDI students how the hell I will ever find a placement and finish it on time. I am not talking about finding a job I am just talking about finishing this school and get the hell out of there. Here are some things you should read on the CDI wep page and how they lie to students.
all of this is jusr BS. I have been in this school for 9 months and the campus in Mississauga i new it has been open for about 17 months and check this. There have been quite a few people that have graduated but so far there was no grad party nobody got a chance to even get whole graduation costume and I have been told that they are goe do it later when more students graduate well I wanna see that.
CDI is NOT Canadas leading college well maybe if you count it from backwards lol.
The curriculum has NOT been developed by any experts and I know that for a fact.
CDI does NOT serve as practicum hosts.
CDI does NOT motivate you all they want is your money that is their only motivation.
ONe of the students at CDI was told by an employee at CDI that she should sell her car if she does not have money and enroll in the course I mean how fed uo is that WOW.
CDI career services.
CDI does NOT really offer workshops for resume writing or job searching at my campus there were 2 workshops related to that and thats it they only did that just to fill a gap or something, They were really BS anyway.
I do not believe that employers are looking for CDI graduates becasue that college is a total joke. Your paying $15,000 $20,000 $30,000 for what? a piece of paper.
Have a nice day people.  -- CDI Mississauga"

"I have been reading these comments here and on many other different websites and there is no way that this is a lie. Well I might of thought of that when I would of been reading this a year ago. Now I am sudent there myself and have to say that I belive all of you people. 
I started a course at CDI in April this year and so far there have been many complaints against my isntructor. Now it has also come to the hours she has provided for me and other students, pretty much when she started teaching us bacj in late May. So basically the class for most of the time starts between 9:15 or even 9:30 there were at least 10 or more occasions when the class would start around 10 in the morning. The break that is suppose ot be form 10:30 to 11:00 is usually at least till 11:15 and sometimes atarts and 10:20. he calss is done by 12:30. On about 10 or more occasions the class was done by 12 PM or even eariler. So basically it has been over 100 hours through out the wohole course so far where I have still 3 months left and aother 2 months fo 300 hours placement. I can also say that about 50 or more hours we spend in class is just socialzing talking about BS and staff that we should NOT. Like some of the subjects our instructor usually starts are: sex, dating, banking etc. the course is addicitons and cmmunity service worker so it really to me is not approprate to talk about these things in class and on my time where I pay actually money for this course, YES I PAY MONEY. $11000 for the whole course. 
So basically so far with the 100 hours that consits of starting the class late having longer lunch breaks and finsihing class early PLUS the 50 hours of socializing, talking about BS and things that are not realted to the course I calculated that so far it is about $2000, so as of right now the course should cost me $9000 when I finish it should cost about $8000. If you wonder how I calculate this just do this.
Course cost: $11000
Hours of course in school: 880 hours
Now divide the $11000 by 880 hours you will come up with $12,50
The $12,50 is how much I would be paying for this course an hour in class if I would be paying by the hour. Of course I have already paid in full the amount and I am missing 150 hours right.
So now multiply 150 hours by $12,50. That comes to $1875.
That amount is just for one person (ME)
Now of course there are mroe students in the class.
The amount with all the students can even exeed over $20000
So you tell me who is ripping off who.
If you wanna talk and have any questions or concerns about this or other things regarding to private colleges please email me:

"This college is unorganized andhard to attend. I have been to 5, going on 6 classrooms with about 4 different teachers whom I believe do not have masters degrees. I am freaking out because I got a student loan to attend and it feels like they are screwing me over. I am afraid for my future. I suffer from anxiety and this has been bad enough in the last three months to have,my doctor tell me the stress is causing health problems. I am currently writing a letter to the boar of education and ministry of education. I would appreciate any help available because right now I am afraid that if I speak up I will get kicked out. Thi s is the worst college I have been to and I have attended very small community colleges. This one is definitely a college to AVOID. It’s not worth it. My email is — please send an email on how I can appeal or stand up for myself without being kicked out. Thank you. God bless."
"My experience so far has been horrific. I started September of 2012 and it is only November and I feel like I am getting screwed. They mislead me into thinking that they were affiliated with Vancouver Communtiy College. I was not informed until I was enrolled, that the VCC the are affiliated with is a Career College. I am afraid for my future. I will be $32,000 in debt when I finish this $16,520 course which feels like a refreshing on high school. I wish I could get some help on how to appeal and remove myself from this school without being in major debt or loosing what I have already started. It makes me sad, sick and depressed. Already my doctor has confirmed that this has been affecting my health, mentally and physically.
-- Elisha"
"I also attended CDI in Abbotsford finished my course was never able to get work for what I went to school for. I know a lot CDI Abbotsford students that are in the same situation as me and not happy at all. The school does not care they just want your money. The goverment needs to step in a regulate these private schools or this will never change!!!  -- Sehall"

"I attended CDI for a year in the network Admin program. What a farce. Old books, shared computer, no practical work, all virtualized senerios. There is nothing CDI offered in class that I could not have done in my own house. Google could answer faster than me asking someone in class.
Employers want official vendor certs, not college diaplomas. I gurantee this statement.
My advice: study on your own, buy the books, 2 computers (3 is better) and challenge the real vendor exams like CompTIA, Cisco and Microsoft when you are ready. You’ll have more time to study and you’ll save thousands.  -- NetworkAdmin-Hardly"

"I went to the Burnaby campus and was lied to for my entire program. I beg you to not go to CDI. My teacher wasn’t even a teacher. She was an old student who didn’t have a teaching degree. They cheated us out of money and I have been done the program now for 4 months and they still haven’t sent me my diploma. I have called 5 times to get it mailed to me. Also for the Pharmacy Tech program I took the man who signed me up said our bridging exams were included in the tuition. THEY ARE NOT. I now have to pay $3000 on top of the $15000 tuition. They switched teachers half way through and also would have their staff meetings DURING our classes. I don’t think it’s appropriate to pay $15000 to have a late class because the teachers are too lazy to stay after 6 to have a meeting. Do not attend CDI.   -- Jennifer"

"Please take my advice and go to a public school, The teachers are a joke, except two who are highly trained, even tey used to tell us to never go to private schools again. All of the others sit around and want to have a good time with students and thats it, its not about education its about making friends with students. One instrcutor went so far as to have parties at her house with students after hours, and told us private details about her life…… which no one cares about. We just sat there and listened because we got easy marks. Not to mention she along with another instructor gave us word for word reviews befor exams and quizes. This was good at the time, but later in teh program we had a hard time actually learning. Certian students used to get personal calls at all hours of the night and its sad because that is unfair to the rest of us students. I recommend that this instructor get a life and go make friends outside of her studnets, if this isnt professional I dont know what is. She used to act like she worked so hard for us, but later on we learned that we had been taught things that werent even close to being accurate. When I pay over 20000, I expect to be ready for the work force, except I was made a foul. Please dont make the same mistake I did. Its better to wait and get into a public school. Also its crazy that we pay so much and we have teachers teaching us who also went to private schools and barley evven worked in hospitals!!! I would expect actuall degrees and lots of acute experience. My friend who is a nurse in a hospital told me they dont like cdi nurses and that none get hired.  -- WARNING"

"CDI College-Surrey…… Where do I begin?This school is the worst school ever, filled with unqualified teachers and financial advisors who have no idea what in the world they are doing!!!!  -- Jumo"

"I just graduated from grade 12 with 85% and was new in Canada. Instead of going to UBC for pharmacy program I ended up going to CDI cuz they told me that I can finish the pharmacy technician program in 9 months and can earn $ 23/hr (which was a complete lie) and later go into full pharmacist program(without knowing the credits wont transfer to any university.
 Later when we were 6 months into the program one of their own instructors told us why were we even doing this course which paid $ 9-10/hr. Everyone was surprised as I was :( but too late. The scheduled class time was 9 am to 2pm. But I dont remember being in the class any later than 12 which included couple of hours lunch and tea breaks in bw. 
In class we had 7 students. That was a big sign of a stupid college and me one of the students being fooled :( And they charged about $14000 (a complete rip off) for 9 months. CDI folks are smart and they target new immigrants and people with limited knowledge. Anyways I ended up finishing the diploma and worked as a tech for $11 for yr n half just to pay off my student loan for $14000 for which they ripped me off. I had no courage to go to univ for another 5 yrs for pharmacy program. 
I started Financial Management diploma from BCIT(All courses transferrable to CGABC) which was two yrs and cost was abt $9000. I started working while I was still doing the diploma. Now I am doing Btech degree($6000)(Most courses transfer to CGA) and working at a CA firm which pays for my courses and books. Instructors are so helpful and commited. Program is intense and you feel you are actually studying and not wasting your time. CDI and my lack of knowledge made all efforts to rip me and my career. But I learned and fixed my mistake right away. So, please guyz dont waste your valuable time,money,efforts and brain at CDI. It is a business not a educational institutions. Go to a accredited univ like UBC, SFU or BCIT. I usually find my friends and ppl asking me they planning to go to CDI because its fast. I know what to tell them. I hear horrible stories from other students who been to CDI and gone through the same situations and now paying off the huge amount of student loans with such a low salary jobs. I hate the admins who work at CDI and trap the students with incorrect information when they would never do that with their own kids. Hopefully one day CDI colleges like CDI will shut down. I cant find a rating of 0 huh - Sim"

"The Dental Reception course at CDI is a complete joke. This course was suppose to be full time 5-10pm, Monday-Friday. But its not as it seems or as they tell you. The admins that help you enroll dont give a crap the only reason they are there for you is to make the sale. your there commission. I heard of admins taking there time to see possible students for an hr or 2, then the person says they want to check out a few other schools. The admins are so high on themself and their wage that if you dont take the spot right then they wont recieve you call afterwards because you cost them money and wasted their time. Well we as students are paying out our asses for what you want \”Good Post Sencondary Education\” But if fact were get the worst treatment ever. 
You speak your mind and tell them how you feel about how they are running things they jus write you up. You continue to speak your mind you get the boot and still have to pay the rediculous amount. My course took me 7 months. When in theory if we were in class for 5 hrs a day like we were suppose to be, not 2 hrs, guaranteed we would have be actually able to finish the course in 3 maybe 4 months tops. 
9600.00 for a course you can take at BCIT for 3300.00. If you can find some better place to take any course take it there. Dont waste your time money or effort on this place they call a college. The only teacher that was worth mine or the other students time was Donna. She would make us stay full class length, actually teach us stuff that was on the exams and tests, she would follow through with reveiws for tests, lectures, anything you needed help with you ask her, shed be right there to help you. Monica and sonica- What a joke family those 2 are. You are being taught a computer course well 3 by these two retards. Windows, excel, and Introduction to windows, we all taught ourselves. You pay an extra 2000 dollars for the rad module and you have a choice whether or not you want to take, but not whether or not you want to pay for it, you have to pay for it. The stupid thing about having this module is you cant use it in a dental office, they will not let you. Dr.\’s Hygenists will not give up money they can make for some receptionist to take x-rays. All in all i have to say to anyone planning on starting a course or have enrolled in your course but havent paid yet. Drop-out, dont enroll yourself, youll never forgive yourself for not listening to everyone who has posted posts of this bullshit school. Check out other campuses comments too, burnaby, every campus owned by Eminata in canada is like this, i have seen so many posts about this joke of an company. I just wish i would have seen the posts before i enrolled in this course. I wish more than anything there was a way to go back in time, because if i could do it all over again, would i do it differnt, hell yes i would!! All these posts about this school are not bullshit, this school is bullshit! Like the girl above says, They need to change there Logo from \”CHANGING LIVES THROUGH EDUCATION\” to \”DESTROYING LIVES THROUGH EDUCATION\”!  -- L.A.D"

"They should change their logo Changing lives through education. it should read Destroying lives through education because that is exactly what they do. Their teachers are not qualified their director can’t get her head out of a book long enough to talk to you and if she does manage she is just no a people person. Their use to be a good receptionist but she is gone and they kept the girl that looks as though she wants to beat you the minute you walk in, or that you have ruined her day by showing up. Lets not get started on the male administration rep the lies and promises told just to get someone to sign up are horrendous. You are given a student manual and there are signs posted everywhere of the procedures to follow if you would like to dispute or if you have a complaint. Waste of time you can write as many letters as you would like, talk to the campus director the regional director take it as far up as you would like. The thing that i noticed was that everyone covers for one another because everyone is related or a boyfriend of or girlfriend or sister of somebody, so good luck the policy’s are written and in place for them to create a job for someone.  -- Steph"

The following have been taken from Complaints Board:

"I really regret going to CDI College, but as a confused teen I really didn't know what to do with my life after highschool. So, I heard CDI College offered great programs, and that they helped you find a placement all in less than 1 year. "Great" I thought...boy was I wrong. 
Here we are 4 years later and I still don't have a job in what I studied. 
I took the 8 month acc&payroll admin course, cost $11, 000 and let me tell you, I took accounting in highschool (up to grade 11) and I didn't learn anything new at CDI (except for payroll, but I'm sure that's covered in grade 12). This school gave me absolutely NO confidence for entering the field, it was like joke, everyone left early, sometimes even the teacher didn't know what she was talking about, we ended later than scheduled because of CONSTRUCTION going on in the college so we were cancelled for 2 weeks because of dangerous fumes from the construction! 
I now really wished I had gone to a REAL community college, it would had been cheaper and I would have gotten a real education. A correspondence course would have been better since 80% of the time I spent at CDI was with a textbook and a computer in frot...I hardly got any teacher student time like they promised. 
I'm writing this so no one makes the same mistake I did by going to this joke of a college. I wish I had read some reviews before applying, but it's too late for me, please save yourself from CDI aka Everest!  -- Solongsuckers"

"I had the same experience with the "business administration" program. The course material was GENERAL LEVEL high school material at best and all of the modules only covered the basics of each topic. I too have no job in my field and it is not for lack of trying either. It was basically a wham-bam-thank you mam course. was also confused, down on my luck and was suckered in by their false promises and glossy ads. When I went to the school initially it was called Toronto school of business...then CDI and now Everest. All basically the same package. Fast food education that doesnt deliever the goods.  -- circumvent"

"They told me I qualify for the Addiction Worker course, even with a criminal record. When my funder wanted that in writing, they changed their story. Now they are refusing to return my registration fee. Going for an interview at CDI college is much like walking on a used car lot full of lemons, riddled with desperate sales people with low morals.  -- ratedr"

"I am currently attending the APA program at CDI Calgary North Campus. Everything was fine until we got to the accounting part. I was put with a teacher who cannot spell, does not read from any book and has such a strong accent myself and other students cannot make out what she says. I approached the person in charge and have been forced to change my program to BAT, I am going to have to pay back all the grant money and I got told by the school that I am racist and have caused physical and verbal altercations. When all I did was report a teacher. I have been told if I talk to any student or teacher except the ones I am supposed to that I will be kicked out of school. So if you do choose to attend CDI do not complain while you are there. There is barely any teacher instructing, it is mostly all self taught by reading books and using their computers. They payroll section of my course, I am being charged 5000$ and you can do it yourself online through CPA for under 2000. I am so disappointed with CDI. I will make sure to tell everyone my experience and that I would recommend any other REAL institution not this make shift pretend college!!!  
-- Jennifer Mazarolle"

"I too had issues with CDI College the teachers are past CDI students that couldn't get jobs.So I had an English teacher who took Oil and Gas didn't get a job read out of the book chapter by chapter . I thought we were in college not preschool. I'm supposed to be on a practicum right now as they had promised but no help and no results. I had to fight to get them to call one of the practicums and even then there was no follow up on their end. I took the BAM program at he Calgary North Campus. I also had a teacher who was fasting for her faith. She stated that she was so hunger that she couldn't concentrate SHE IS OUR TEACHER we pay big bucks for our schooling.. This is what we pay for uneducated teachers.  -- x cdi student"

"After hearing my daughter's story about attending CDI for only 2 months and the money she has to put out for loans to pay for this bs of a school with un-certified teachers and feels she has learned nothing from this. She has learned more from legal studies in high school! I am appalled that the government of Canada has NOT stepped in and investigated this "school". They are scamming poor, individuals as trying to make their life better with an education. THIS NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT. It HAS to be STOPPED!  -- Mimi Beh"

"CDI College is a fraud, a scam, and a joke. Do not waste your time or money on any of their worthless "certificates."   -- Scam Bust"

"CDI College SCAM - 

I will be creating a website called - stay tuned, once its up, i will let you all know. here is what happened to us.

My wife got admission in CDI college a month ago, she is immigrant and was excited to get admission in CDI College, after getting rejected to get admission from university for not having pre requisite, , She found CDI college and went to get information, after that they called her and persue her to get admission, they did all the paperwork and got her loan approved for $18000 for 1 year course, same course in university cost only $8000.

There was entry exam that 5 year old can passs, and they gave her admission in Pharmacy Technician.

Anyway, they made her sign alot of documents which she signed without reading, becuase 1. English isnt her first language, 2. If student is going to College, they gonna trust college and not worry about reading details, in which one page say, if she withdrawn or terminated, while 1 to 10% of course, she pay 25 % of fee which is $6000, if she complete 10% to 50% of course, she pay 60% which is about $12000, and over 50% completion u pay full $18000.

So after a month she came home and told me that CDI ask her to leave because she failed exam twice and there was a claw that if you fail twice, you cannot continue the program, she is 2 day more than 10% so she is at 10.2 % so she comes in 60% category and have to pay $12000 to the govt as govt student loan already paid the CDI. I MEAN WOW>. 

sooooo now we are in debt of $12000 of govt student for going to CDI for 30 days, , and not getting any certification or any good education. oh and yeah, IT WASNT EVEN A DIPLOMA, it was certification course.

1 teacher was teching all the courses.. BAsically my wife's education career is gone, becuase now she would have to pay the $12000 student loan and dont even get any education and have nothing to show for it.

She had 5 exams and 15 quizzes in a month in which she failed 2, and they kicked her out and kept all the money and now we have to pay $12000 to govt student loan.

I know a guy who came from Pakistan, he was looking for job in IT and came to me for help to find him job in IT as i work in IT, 2 weeks later he told me he was hired by CDI college as teacher, he had no teaching experience, and no teaching degree... This is what their teacher standard are. but if you are in a class FOR A DAY and you quit, well u pay 25% feee, and i have that in record voice from the Director of CDI College which i will be sending to media soon.

I will be protesting outside the CDI college Edmonton downtown with a board sign, will distribute flyer mentionning their policies, and how they destroying student lifes, I will have 2 IPADS, showing videos from Global Trouble Shooter on Youtube - IF I CAN SAVE FEW STUDENT GETTING TRAPPED IN THEIR SCAM, I THINK THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

I f anyone want to join me, please contact me, @ and i will give you my phone number. Thanks  -- mrasimonline"

"I TOTALLY AGREE!! I go to CDI Edmonton South and i take "Oil and Gas Administration" My campus has been on the news 3 times this year because of falsely giving out diplomas for Nursing! AND how were promised hands on training and all this bullshit. I Paid 16000 for nothing. I sit in front of a computer. no training, no real teachers.. Im supposed to be on my practicum AS WE SPEAK! but yet i sit here playing on Facebook and typing complaints about this place because i have nothing else to do.. A dozen teachers have quit as well as many students have dropped out.. if it wasnt for the crazy amount of money i paid to come here maybe i would have dropped out a long time ago too. CDI COLLEGE IS A SCAM save your money and spread the word about how much of a waste of time it really is!!!  -- pissedstudent"

"I attended CDI college as well . I'm not sure how much I am aloud to say but my opinion is its a horrible school and a major rip off. I have called my loans investigation department didn't receive much help I got a hold of the investigation department at the school also no help. I am paying off a loan that should have been refunded because of the situations that occurred at the school and why I quiet. Really the best advice I could give is avoid CDI  -- Ambey"

"I have been a CDI employee (instructor) for almost 10 years now, and will soon be happily unemployed. Why? Because I cannot stand to work for such an unethical company, president, regional VPs, and campus directors... to say nothing of all the lies told to students by the admission reps.
When I was first hired - it was with the old CDI (Canadian owned and grown), before they were bought out by Corrintian College Inc of the US. It was then micromanaged into the ground only to be sold to the Eminata group whose owner has a fake (honorary) degree - and just uses the local companies as a front to rip-off the Canadian government (via student loans that will most likely never be paid back) and to send the money to Korea to show what a wonderful "Christian" he is.
The old motto used to be: "When student's succeed - We succeed." Which meant the business success was built on helping students do well and then refer their friends and acquaintances.
The new motto of: "We change lives through education." Basically means for a lot of students that they get a second rate education (at best) and end up with a huge student loan to pay back. Yes, a big lesson learned.
If the students are fortunate to get a great instructor (and there are lots) their instructor will probably get minimal support from the college hierarchy, and will probably not last long. When I was first hired, the person who had been there the shortest amount of time had seven years seniority. Now, the students are lucky if their instructors actually stay to teach the whole program and most instructors only teach a few courses or only last for a few months until they can find a better job.
I could say a whole lot more, but will be saving my ten years worth of dirt for possibly a wrongful dismissal law suite.
How did such a great company go so wrong? I think when the focus changed from quality to greed - with the new owners - everything was doomed from that point on.
Do some students succeed? Yes, absolutely based on their own efforts. Any degree or diploma is just a foot in the door to a job. From that point on, it is always up to the student to prove them self and their learning. I just wish the college would become more student focused again, and actually help the students succeed, rather than the graduates not even being able to get practicums as "CDI is not or (no longer) recognized." (A very common experience for students to hear from prospective employers.)  
-- former instructor - Vancouver"


They are telling you to work has a team, so you do ... here is how they grade us(in each f*** module) first you will have to do a first test thats counts for 30% then you will have to do a final test that counts for 40%... ure team work will count for 25% and ure participation for 5% ... OH and u have to pass a least ure last test with 50% ... but let see ... if i get 15/30 in my first test 20/40 in my last test i have cummulated 35/70 ... now even if do f*** all in my team work the teacher will give me 20/25 ( trust me me and my boddies did it on purpose) and then thewy will give u 5/5 in participation even if i did f*** all in the course and even if i didnt show up ... guess what 15+20+20+5= 60 !!! so i pass !!! oh yeah !!!

they want u too pass so they have good statistical number ... basicly this school f**** garbage

+ in qc city campus they never clean the classes i have trow chips crumbs on the ground last month and they are still there !!! this summer our class temp was 30 degree and up always the a/c was never working ... ( i'm paying 11800$ ) 


The following was taken from BBB Business Review

I was pulled from classes mid way through and put into a new one, which put me 2 weeks behind in my course and i had to make up the time on MY time. this is not acceptable, i paid $17,888 for my 9 month course i expect to finish it within the time frames they informed me of.

I'd also like to know where my money is going? everyone else at this school pays close to the same ludicrous amount and we are provided a tiny school, without a proper lunch room (there is a small table about 4 people can sit at). And they threatened to take away the ONLY printer in the school because people were printing to much... if I'm paying a high tuition amount, i expect a working printer at all times.

The Microsoft office courses had unqualified teachers, i would ask questions and they would have to go back and look up the answers (this is NOT a specific teacher either there have been 3 teachers there and they all had little knowledge) and lastly they constantly need new staff, there have been 2 different directors, 3 different learning center instructors and we never know who will be teaching our courses because the staff are always coming and going - 

See more at:"

"I attended this school last year for their legal assistant course **********************************! They're not accredited and they expect you to pay 23thousand dollars for a nine month course that you don't get anything out of. 
First of all I was supposed to be in class all morning, however when I would arrive I would get sent home within 35-1hr of being there because they instructor had no plans for the day. She wouldn't teach us anything. It was either we go to the court house or copy notes out of a text book. 
I attended the school for 41days according to them, but in reality it was more like a month if that. They're expecting me to still pay $2387 I paid them at least $700 after I left and my student loan paid them $10000 - 
See more at:"

The following were taken from Ripoff Report

"This report is to warn upcoming students. CDI College is a waste of money. Their courses are not instructor led and they charge more than any accredited college or university.

CDI college has wronged me personnaly and i am currently persueing legal action, Media and this awsome site.

All you get at cdi are the follwing; A desk, The books (which you payfor on top of your tuition)and a old computer that they claim is what helps you learn.

DO IT AT HOME. Save your self 15 gs and buy the books from your local chapters and do the tests. 

I have attended at the CDI college in BC and got nothing more than Racism, Greef and neglect.

Save your money this is a rip off."

I am writing this correspondence to outline multiple persistent incidents that have occurred on the Abbotsford Campus of CDI College a member of EMINATA Group. Prior to my enrolment to CDI College I was led to believe that my course of Network Administrator would be instructor led. Further to my enrolment I have realized that the course was not instructor led. Rather CDI provides nothing more than a desk and learning material. The Information technology instructor was juggling teaching between several different courses. I did not know CDI was required to have an instructor lead the course. I have all relevant documentation and witnesses regarding any and all accusations. There have been numerous incidents where racial slurs have been uttered against me. These events have been appropriately documented with the campus which was ignored by the campus Coordinator Ms Kim French. These incidents have been occurring on a regular basis for over three (3) months. In addition, threats against my person were uttered and I consider these to be pertinent and immediate threats. As a result of this altercation on February 13, 2009, I was wrongfully terminated.

The student
abbotsford, British Columbia

"I notice people seem to complain about the sub-standard classrooms and computers etc.  What about the fact that most of the "teachers" are not specialists and that each wham-bam-thank-you-maam, done in 2 weeks "module" is not enough to cover even the most basic of basic concepts?!  How can anyone who goes to one of these 6 month skoolz expect to compete with grads from REAL 4-6 year university degree programs and 2-3 year grads from REAL colleges?!  

The problem is that the marketing these BUSINESSES do gives people down on their luck the illusion of hope. They use big key words like CAREER, FAST-TRACK, POTENTIAL etc.  I got sucked in and I paid for it with time and money.  No one hires grads from these least not in the field of study.  To be honest the course work was GENERAL level high-school material AT BEST!  I already knew most of what was being taught in these modules anyways and they only reason I stuck it out was becasue they told us about jobs we would get upon graduating and salaries we could make and that employers recruited grads from the school.....etc....(none of these actually came even close to happening!)  

I had never seen any employees and the only job they ever posted was for a part-time secretary postion for a touch above minimum wage.  Not the 60,000 dollar a year salary we were told we could get out managing mine workers or something(thats the best I can remember it, No CID grad would EVER make anything near 60Gs anyways!)  I no longer put the place on my resume as it seemingly is not a good thing.  After handing out 300+ resumes and volunteering to work for no money to gain experience, NOT a single employer called to offer me any job for any position in business I apllied for.  I have no criminal record, have never been fired and am generally a good worker.  Who the heck wants to better their chances at getting minimum wage jobs like fast-food or retail.  We dont need to pay 10,000 plus dollars for that junk.  It is just an easy way out in the short term, problem is , once you do graduate trying to pay back the loan is hard when it is next to impossible to find employement.  What a joke.....   -- Curtis"

More from Ripoff Report

"I was suckered in by the telephone calls everyday, the friendly over-accommodating representatives, the flashy advertising. "Earn your diploma fast & start working right away", "our teachers have real world, hands on experience in the jobs you want to be doing", "98% post graduate employment rates", "hurry and enroll the spots are filling fast", received call stating there was "only one spot left in my course".. I fell for all of it.
The rep. secured my $15,000 OSAP loan quickly and without explaining anything to me. Upon graduation I begged and pleaded for jobs. I finally secured a entry level position at the rate of $12/hour, no pension, benefits. I subsequently left that job due to the stress of the work environment and lack of advancement available. I continued looking for work until I ended up waitressing for over a year until I signed on with a placement agency and moved to Toronto, where I obtained a position as a receptionist. I have sent out endless amounts of resumes.
I decided I needed more education to advance anywhere in my profession. I applied to UIOT, Oshawa and was refused any transfer credits or acknowledgment for my CDI diploma, I have to start in year one. I contacted Universities and Colleges across Canada and not one public institution acknowledges or recognizes the CDI education. I began to do further research and was incredibly alarmed to find that I was not the only one who had experienced this hardship. I have paid my OSAP loan monthly for the last 4 years while waitressing and will be for the next 8 since I am unable to secure a position where I can pay more than $100/month off. I digress.
The media reports, fraud alerts, endless people complaining and out-crying about the exact same thing I am struggling with, lack of competitive value in the diploma, mitigated by the extensive poor feedback. Many people I have read about sued and won. I feel completely victimized and as if I was brainwashed. I was a vulnerable 18 year old with no direction or parental guidance. I enrolled in a school that offered 'accredited, intensive education allowing grads into the workplace sooner', yet they failed to mention they are unrecognizable in the eyes of any public institution and therefore is useless for future career education. They also failed to mention employers would laugh in my face regarding my education choice. I feel as though I have little recourse although am considering consulting a lawyer.
Any further information or comments are welcome!  -- klc2241"

"i am enrolled at cdi right now and there are really bad things happening right now students are being kicked out of the school for complaining to the campus director to the minsitry other students are being threatened that they will be kicked out if they do not stop complaining. this is in my opinion against the law and it is intimidation and bullying to make the rest of the students feel afraid and scared. CDI is such BS the course I am taking now the instructor was teaching at everest before and was most likely fired fom there a few years back.This is crazy and needs to ake the news and some lawyers should also hear about this.  -- cdi student"


"I applied for the medical laboratory technician program. First off, they said there wouldn't be any more than 12 - 14 people in the class. There were 36 people. The lab wasn't even finished being built when we started our lab work. We didn't have the supplies we needed. We sat around for the first 2 weeks hardly doing anything because we didn't have any supplies. One of the work tables didn't have a top on it for the first 3 months. We didn't have ECG beds until 4 months in, and even then, it took another 2 months to get the curtains.

They promised that we would have a qualified instructor in the lab with us, but because they crammed so many people into one class, they had to divide us into two groups. While one group was in the lab, the other was in the classroom, and then at lunchtime, we'd switch. We had our instructor in the classroom, but we had a "teaching assistant" (she wasn't qualified to be a teaching assistant) in the lab with us, who turned out to be one of his former students who just graduated one month before we started our course. She didn't teach us anything, just sat there gossiping all day.

Our instructor started trying to get placements for us at the beginning of the course. Even by the end, some people still didn't have work placements. We graduated in June of 2005. I didn't get my placement until August/September of 2005. Nearly 3 months later. Our work placement was supposed to be the last 2 weeks of the course, meaning the last 2 weeks of June.

They also promised that they would help us find jobs when we were done, but they didn't.

It's now nearly 3 years later, and I've never gotten a job in my field since going to CDI. They said that their employment rate within 6 months after graduation was 70%, but that was clearly a lie, because none of the other 36 people in my class have gotten a job in their field, either. I hear similar stories from other CDI graduates. No one can get a job after going to CDI. A CDI diploma isn't worth the paper it's printed on.
CDI has a bad reputation with employers.

Brampton, Ontario

"Former employee at Everest.
I am disgusted of the way we were forced to treat our clients.
The interview is just to get them dreaming and in a state where they can easily sign the contract.
Our bosses were pushing us like crazy to get enrollments.
We were forced to bring referrals, to generate the business so they could earn more money.
The process is called Ignite and it is all about making the student feel important but the truth is that the school is desperate for the numbers.
The instructors were terrible.
Everyone on campus was depressed.
The admissions counsellors didn't get leads, they were distributed according to the receptionists moods.
We MUST say on the phone: "Congratulations for calling us today"...bla bla bla. Even if we were the ones dialing. In most of the cases we dialed, rarely a student would call that school.
We gave the image of being professional but we accepted anybody who enrolled.

If you value your life and your education, please go somewhere else. This is a ripoff.
Sad but true.  -- FP1110"

The following are more complaints from College Times (Burnaby):

"Totally disappointed:
I attended the Abbotsford campus CDI in 2007. I took the Addictions Worker diploma. I was told that I could get a job in Detox centres, recovery houses, hospitals, pretty much anywhere there was drug and alcohol issues. It took almost a year to get a work placement. I am still looking for a job in the Addictions field. No one will hire me due to lack of education, which is interesting since I completed the course with an ‘B’ average. The staff at the Abbotsford campus were rude, unprepared and unwilling to help. They told me my course was transferable and it was not. The instructors were incompetent and did not have teaching degrees. The instructor for my course was a former marriage counsellor who had NEVER taught a day in her life. I feel that I have waisted my time, my effort and my money attending this school. I will be paying off a student loan until I am 40 years old and no job to show for my efforts. I strongly advise NOT attending this school.  -- CDI Abbotsford BC"

"I agree with Self-Study’s comments. I’ll add a bit of my experience as well.
What does CDI really offer you? What are you getting for all that money?
The course is crammed packed with so much info and so many different aspects of computing. You sit in class and do nothing more than read and/or simple labs, eg: install, VMWare, Linux or a service like MySQL – you could easily do this at home.
1. your home computer is probably more powerful compared to what CDI has. You get 1 computer and it is shared so, you can’t have admin rights to do critical operations. What you do get is all virtualized scenarios, which has many drawbacks in my opinion.
2. The software provided is nothing out-of-reach – download trial software, from MS, VMWare, etc. most are good for 30 to 90 days, some longer. The trialware is decent enough to get hands-on experience accomplished. On the Linux side every bit of software is free and each service you install has a wonderful man page (manual) to help you configure and set things up correctly. These man pages are also right up to date, unlike CDI books which some are 2+ years old.
In a nutshell, for $16,000+, your are paying CDI for books (not necessarily new) and their exams (not the official CompTIA, MS, CCNA or Linux exams either). Everything else is done on your own accord. Does this sound appealing to you? You’d be better off self-studying or going to BCIT. Skip all these private colleges. There is next to zero help and the instructors just don’t care, I know this first hand and I see it daily.   -- Seedy Institute"

"Save you time, money and energy by getting the real industry certs directly from CompTIA, MS, Cisco or whatever path you are taking. So-called IT schools like CDI offer nothing but disappointment.
$15 to 20G for a Network Engineer Diploma through CDI
Buying books from Chapter’s and challenging the Official vendor certifications plus buying a modern computer, all under $3000.   -- Self-Study"

"This has got to be the worst school in all of Canada. I’d rather learn in a basement from a reputable intellect than in this pathetic institution. Even worse, after ‘graduating’ I wanted to get my transcript to go back to an ACTUAL school, they charge you $35 dollars, and are too lazy to get it for you. The woman I spoke to was ‘Rita’ and she just beat around the bush telling me she was busy and ‘couldnt’ get me my transcript for this week with no other information.
I urge everyone to steer well clear of this dump, biggest waste of money and a damn useless group of staff.
GO TO HELL CDI.    -- worst possible choice"

"CDI has absolutely got to be the WORST “educational” institution I’ve ever had the misfortune of attending. There is no such thing as organization, no one has any idea of what is supposed to be taught in class and I think I have the laziest and worst teachers in the world! Considering I paid almost $15,000 for the course, I don’t think I got even $2000 worth of education. 
The quality of education is extremely poor, the level of incompetence is extremely high and everybody lies to you about how wonderful the school is just so they can sign you up. I urge all of you out there to do your research, google other reviews and if possible, pick any other school rather than this one! You will regret every moment you spend in this place that likes to think it’s a reputable institution but it’s more like chaotic kindergarten and the director decides what’s good for you since the teacher of the course cant be bothered to make a decision without the director’s permission!! Absolutely pathetic! This school is NOT designed to help you succeed but more to line their pockets while you get demoralized & ruined financially! DO NOT ATTEND!!  -- upset and unhappy"