Student Complaints: Reeves College

The following are student complaints about Reeves Collegerun by the Eminata Group. All complaints have been taken directly from the internet. I have tried to show links to the original sources I quoted from. (Please note: in time these links may disappear or change). 

The following are taken from GRAD REPORTS:

"Honestly the worst experience ive ever had in my life. This school shouldn't even be open, its honestly just a scam for a bunch of rich people who pull you into the college, make you pay way more money for absolutely nothing and make it sound like such an amazing, professional, "private" college. Let me first say that is far from the truth, half the teachers at my campus were "student teachers", my office courses were ran by a foreign lady who literally worked the front desk and was the Secretary for the first couple of months, and had absolutely no idea how to teach a class. 
Even when i wrote several emails to the director of the campus, expressing how dissapointed I was in the program and the teachers and how something needed to be resolved, as well as talking to several program advisors about how i was feeling, nothing was resolved in any way, they pretty much told me I could suck it up or pay an extra 5000 to switch to CDI which is the exact same as reeves but worse. The director never even confronted my issues which I think is pathetic. 
I barely learned anything from my course because my teachers were so bad we all basically had to teach ourselves the ciricullum. I also think its sad I literally paid over 20,000, for a graduation ceremony that was so disorganized and terrible. There was no rehearsal or even instruction on was to do, you were told to show up thats it. We were thrown in a gown, crammed into a line with FOUR other campuses/colleges and then marched into the tiniest crap hotel room which was filled with so many family members from all the schools there was barely any room for a walkway. We were then called by one of our teachers to come on stage, if u want to call it a stage, more like a large cardboard box, and also informed by our teacher that there was "No time for individual clapping" and my entire class pretty much got cattled and rushed across the stage and our family was even allowed to clap, have time to snap a pictire of us walking across the stage because it was so quick. And that was our entire grad ceremony. 
Pathetic beyond a doubt!! All my classmates regretted their decision to go to reeves. Its a horrible college and they'll try to suck you in but dont fall for it. (Sorry if the writing is off, I am using my mobile phone.)  -- Ashley M."

"If you are thinking about going to Reeves College, save yourself the headache and apply to Grand Mac instead. When I first came in to find out more about the college the advisors were really nice, and said that through out the school year if we needed them, they would be available but that is simply not the case. If you have any questions no one emails you back, if you go to their office they will say "oh we will get back to you" but no response after 5 days. This is my second year here and they have messed up Christmas holidays for both years. You will get your schedule then they will change it and forget to tell you about. How can you forget to tell an entire class that their Christmas vacation has been cancelled? The staff turnover rate is unbelievable, in the past year alone, more than 50% of the staff have been replaced. Your teacher calls in sick and there will be no substitute teacher, you will be expected to study on your own. All in all just don't even consider this place.  -- HM"

"Took the program very dissapointed in how unorganized this school is . The school say they try to accommodate you but they are nothing but money driven. The teachers here I found to pick and choose some students have more opportunity then others. Depending on the schools situation. Very poor class time and instruction.

I would not ever recommend attending this school . I wish that i would have done my research before attending. There was no interaction at all in class purely trying to understand your instructor and listening for the whole class. if you are a hands on learner i do not recommend this school for you.  -- student"

"The downtown location is very unprofessional. I hope that I read the review first before I attended to this school. Staff in administration department is not properly trained, they don't even know what they are doing. Getting your diploma is hard work to the school and they have different policy every week you go their. I wont recommended this school to anyone. Please go to the other college that could help you with your education. -- cuddle girl"

"This school is an absolute joke! Like the first person says as soon as you go there its a sales pitch to suck you in. They ask personal questions like how much money you make and what your family income is... they get you do to a stupid entrance test that is so easy. They make it seem like you have to be "selected " by them.. but really anybody can go there. I told them my family income was irrelevant and I wouldn't answer any questions that were irrelevant.

The course started (paralegal studies,) which .. btw is way more expensive than any other school offering the same program... at 26 000 it was the second highest tuition my student loan advisor has ever seen... after a private pilot college.... but I chose this school because they guaranteed it would be better than any other school, that it had the best teachers, and that it was shorter than the other school's paralegal programs.

I started off with a "customer satisfaction course" which consisted of how to satisfy customers basically... then onto sustainable futures where you are taught how to recycle basically... then onto keyboarding which was a complete waste of my time, we had to type out an entire book for 2 weeks straight, even though I had already proven that my typing skills was above average.

SOoo I thought things would get better once I started the law courses. Well, I was wrong. We got introduced to our law teacher who promised she would not baby sit us and that learning was essentially our own responsibility and independent. Well, we have been babysat through the whole thing so far... if we even look at the person next to us she asks "excuse me, do you have a question?" uhm.. no?

She walks around to make sure you are on the page that she told us to be on... she MAKES us do the optional review questions at the end of chapters.. and insists that its "part of our marks" (oh goodness don't get me started on the curriculum..) she usually more than once a week will be absent and left us a list of things we need to type for typing practice... and she has another teacher watch our class to make sure none of us leave... don't bother trying to leave early ... she holds you hostage and throws the "student handbook" line in your face and says "I can write you up if you leave..." EVEN when our whole class is sitting their staring at her because we are all finished our work. She schedules the most ridiculous "Fieldtrips" outside of class time, which is supposed to be from 1pm- 5pm, and expects us to be there.. "or else." Even when these fieldtrips don't count towards our evaluation.

Attendance is worth 10% of each class and if you miss over 80% of classes you cannot graduate. You MUST have a doctors note if you miss class "or else" and I have had the teacher personally call me at home to ask why I wasn't in class. She insists on knowing, and if SHE doesn't think its a good reason she threatens to "write you up"

She preaches the handbook and uses it as her tool to make us do pretty much anything we want and as a matter of fact I mentioned to her that I didn't even sign a handbook. The next day she had printed one off for each student and basically said we had to sign it, even though the signage would be considered null and void because we were halfway through our studies and we had signed it under duress....

soooo she preaches the handbook to make us do petty things such as wear dress pants or come to class 100% of the time.. or do her stupid homework handouts ... but yet when one student threatens another student in class, which is one of the more serious offences in the handbook, nothing is done about it. wow. even when the "bomb" word was thrown around. good job teacher you really follow through...

In the next few days after this the teacher talks to the class about another student she dislikes and basically mocks his behaviour to us... how uncomfortable I felt being in class and hearing my so called "professional" teacher talking to our class about another student. I called in absent the next day because of this, and the Director was made aware of my reasons.

This school is an absolute joke, and if I wasn't pulled into it with all its propaganda of why this school was better than others... and if I didn't automatically owe 60% of tuition as soon as I signed up... I would have left long ago. I am just riding out this storm and almost enjoying how messed up an institution could possibly be.

Please, think seriously about attending this college, it is really not worth your money, especially the way the teacher treats us. I have been to other post secondary schools before and have a University degree... and I have never had a bad experience with a teacher or curriculum before. We are literally treated like little children that they must know the whereabouts of all times, and the teacher makes it her personal mission to see to that you have answered all her typing practices and review questions... "or else I will write you up..."

Ugh.. worst experience of my life and I cannot WAIT until this is over.

I hope this has helped others thinking of attending.  -- vanessa garrett"

From YELP: 

"I am very disappointed that I chose to go to this school for the Paralegal program. 
First of all, there are only a couple schools that actually have a Paralegal program and a Paralegal is a Legal Assistant that has been working in the field for over 5 years. 

This school is really expensive, I advise you not to go to it because you could go to Grant Macewan for way less! The cost of Grant Macewan wouldn't be half of what you would pay at Reeves College. The teacher is also extremely lazy and a horrible teacher, he only teaches what he thinks is interesting in the course. At least in Grant Macewan you can have a recognizable school on your resume, and you can leave the school in confidence.

Also, the teacher has his favourites who he will help get a job and make sure that his favourites are set in their career. On the other hand, if you aren't his favourite you better expect to be JOBLESS leaving that school. They DO  NOT help you find a job whatsoever, and most employers have never heard of Reeves College. 

Please do yourself a favour and run away from this school. I have graduated and I don't have a job and I most likely will not work in the legal field cause no one will give me a chance and they don't help at all! Biggest waste of time, and worst decision ever. 

Please go somewhere else. -- Kandi K."

"One of the instructors for the Paralegal Course is a lawyer that has been disbarred about 10 years ago from what I was able to find on google.  When I went to speak to a student advisor, he introduced himself and gave me a business card.  I received a good vibe from him as he was happy to be there, welcoming me as a new student for the Paralegal Course, the thing that was weird was how the Student Advisor responded after to his introduction, saying that he probably won't be my instructor in such a disregarding manner.   The website address they have on their business card is a non functioning site too. -- A.M."

"WOW!! I can't believe im not the only one this school is a waste of time and money they messed my student loan papers too but not as bad as you i had to wait for the next enrollment period because it wasnt starightened out they didnt teach us anything either -- Chris J."

More YELP:

Wanna hear a joke? :-) ....... Reeves College - Calgary City Center.

Quite honestly, if I could give this post-secondary institution (if it can even be considered as such) a zero rating, I would. Unless you enjoy the idea of teaching yourself, then I can guarantee you will not be impressed with the programs at Reeves College. To put it simply, it is an over-priced, unorganized mess, and unfortunately, many of us were manipulated into this scam. 
The instructors are incredibly mundane, as though they dislike being here about as much as we do as students. Have a question to ask? Don't you dare!!!... Unless you want to receive a hostile, frustrated remark from the instructor. I mean, It's hard work to just sit around and supervise a group of adults, you know... Let alone (God forbid) assist them in their learning. It must be such a luxury to get paid so much for doing so little. 
At this point, who cares about all the ridiculousness that they told us prior to our enrollment about "accelerated diploma programs taught by industry professionals, along with a practicum." At this rate, I would have rather gone to SAIT and dealt with an over-crowded classroom and a two-year program. I'd at least be learning something.

Better yet, if I wanted to teach myself, I would have enrolled in an online program that I could complete in the comfort of my home.  -- J.K"

"I agree, don't waste your time with Reeves College. You spend near $20,000 for ten months of schooling. I felt like I wasn't getting enough of what I wanted to learn, so I contacted SAIT which I'd been accepted to previously, only to find out that Reeves' courses are such low quality, you can't transfer them.  
Honestly, take the time to study at MRU or SAIT. It will save you a headache, stress and disappointment.  
You're put into a huge class at the beginning to learn Microsoft Office, then separated for "core" classes. Meanwhile, if you're in Accounting, the Oil and Gas Admins get almost as much education as you do. The person whom teaches Accounting gets frustrated at the slightest hint that you don't get it, and yells at you when you ask your classmates for more clarification.It's just a big confusing mess.  -- Debra W."


"Academic Experience: They got rid of the best instructor to help prepare us for our career, and he got replaced with instructions on how to memorize, and do tutorials in, a book. This does NOT prepare us for the real world, will NOT help us land our dream jobs, and is NOT worth the $20 000 each of us are getting ourselves in debt for. 
If you're doing research as to whether you should apply to this school or not, my recommendation is: DON'T. An educational facility should help a student grow and succeed, not disrupt their lives/education, and pull them in the middle of "office politics" and drama. Do NOT attend this school. -- college senior"