Student Complaints: UCW

The following are student complaints about University Canada West, run by the Eminata Group. All complaints have been taken directly from the internet. I have tried to show links to the original sources I quoted from. (Please note: in time these links may disappear or change). 

The following have been taken from College Times:

"I have been pursuing my compensation claim from University canada west / Eminata group but they have stopped responding me. I have contacted Eminata group and i was told that their legal counsil Drew Lawrenson has left the company. Even their website is not working for last couple of months.I have also been told that the banks have stopped giving them line of credits I have written it to ministry of education in BC and awaiting for their response. I am reproducing the letter below .I will be pursuing legal case against them soon.  -- HD" 

"The worst university among Canada. Watch out, they don’t do refunds. They kept looking for excuses, ignoring your letter, and bullshitting about the refund “rules”. Plus, most of the foreign countries do not recognize this crap as a real university… Don’t ever waste your money, do not even pay the deposit. -- BW"

"I would like to inform you that how University Canada west (UCW) lying about delay in my fee refund which has cost me one full academic year and other cascading effect of loss of one year…..
Senior personnel of UCW is communicating to me and others different versions on different occasions to different people.
I would like to inform you their versions in sequence of time:
January 2012- Ex- Vice Chancellor Verna Maggie Shepherd expresses her apology to me in writing for the delay in refund and inconvenience.
March-June 2012- Drew Lawrenson- Legal Counsel engages in email exchanges for three months proving UCW’s negligence on account of loss of my refund request as well not transferring the refund in my account through wire transfer, he stopped communicating and responding to my emails.
Now October 2012 Mr. Triplett ,Board Steward –is stating “The delay was result of error by university (the student had said funds to be wired but cheque was issued)”
October 2012- Lisa- Marketing and Media Relations Manager(UCW) “The delay was due to incorrect banking details provided by student….”
Letters of Triplett and Lisa are sent to all the students in response to The Hindustan Times story which appeared in the following links;
1. Oct.15, 2012
Now you can decide yourself who is telling lies and how international students are treated by UCW. -- HARSH"

"Sandeep Bohta, a student of UCW, who is also a agent for UCW along with his brother Sai Chander Bohta has paid his entire tuition fee and living expenses for the commission they have earned for providing students like us to UCW. They mislead us and exploited our ignorance for which we are suffering and carrying big burden of educational loan. We are stuck here as we are not likely to get job after completion of degree ( as our seniors are working gas stations, waiters or labor in construction industry. Hope you have read the reports in The Hindustan Times, second largest English daily of India. Please read the following links:
1. Oct.15, 2012
2. Oct. 16, 2012
3. Oct.17, 2012
It’s a true story of not only UCW but all these money making universities in US, UK etc.

"The whole issue is that people like Sai Chander Bothas lied to students like me to apply to UCW. Sai Chander is 3rd grade agent and told me that UCW will get me job in Canada. He is a student of UCW and he gets paid commission as well, rubbish nonsense.
I am filing a complaint agaist Sai Chander and his brother in Hyderabad police station. I want them to be in jail for promoting this fraud university. -- Vamshi"

"I hate UCW but I am stucked here at this university. I am working on my thesis for more than 8 months and Sydney and Shawn Ireland keep rejecting my thesis for no clear reason. They are doing this to over 100 Indian students so that we get stuck here and they keep getting extension fees from us.
I know why they do this to us students becuase no new students are joining UCW and the campus is like death now. There are only a few classes happening and they have no students who are studying here anymore.
This university is completely fake, stay away completely.
When I told the student services about the new articles in the Hindustan Times newspaper in India, they reply that no one reads Hindustan Times and Shilpa tells me that I should worry about my thesis. Is this normal? --Harmanpreet" 

"I had joined this university in July 2012 and then saw what a crappy university this place is. Anyone who says that this is a good university, has no idea what education means. If you feel that the above reviews are not right then you should read the articles that have just been published in India’s largest newspaper Hindustan Times, that calls this university Dubious and Fraud.
See the links:
Bogus Universities Prey on Indian Students:
Headhunters feed on students ambitions:
Both articles are about UCW and the fraud they are, I lost money and I want everyone to know that. They are destroying lives of students, wake up!  -- Arvind Reddy"

"Professors were treated like dogs, senior authorities pressured them to give low grades. some of them left like me, due to these atrocities. This is totally a scam university, students are well educated but senior faculty told us that if we gave good marks it will not make their university better. All senior faculty members have their own relatives working as a professors. I don’t want to name any of them you can ask the students, worst experience of my life. I left this university because they wanted me to fail students without any reason so that they got publicity as a strict university and moreover, extra fees.  -- Anonymous" 

"i come from Mexico and attending this university but now my heart is broken, My parent hard-earned money is gone…… i ask for my money back but there said no…. they take my 7 thousand dollars.
I am going home next week , my parents in debt from the bank…..i do not know what to do……
i was told that it is a international school but all my classmates from India, they are angry too cos everyone from India…..
I will go to my embassy tomorrow to report this school. -- Jose"

"University Canada West is exactly like Tri-Valley University in the US. It’s a fraudulent university that has been cheating the students and it pays students to bring more innocent students. Please look up Tri-Valley University on Wikipedia and you will be able to see the reasons why this university closed down and what will be the fate of UCW shortly as well.
This is not a place where you go for education. The academic quality is non-existent and only God knows how I escaped being part of this university. This university exists only to make money and it is not providing you a valuable education, it is only taking from you. Look around you, do you see any other university that is as sub-standard as this university? Open your eyes and stop wasting your money.  -- UCW is TVU of Canada"

"Those who are writing about good experience with UCW, are writing fake comments as they are not sharing what is good at UCW. Because there is nothing, so they can’t share.
Ben Thapa was working with Lans Bridge University and Phoenix University in Vancouver, both the universities were shut down. You can Google and read it yourself. He has excellent track record of closure and ensuring failure of Universities.
Daren Hancott was leading Phoenix University, which went out of business and shut down. You can read his teaching ratings as far back as 2004 on the link of
To add to this read media comments on the link,‘dubious’-canadian-varsity-972
which only vilifies the comments of this web site.
This web site has so many other academic institutions for comments, why no one is writing about them. Why only UCW, because it is a dubious university operated by Scam Artists, who have no conscious, respect and love for students and academics.
-- UCW Scam Artists" 

"Hello All,
Media has begun to expose the scam being conducted by University Canada West in Canada. Please see the article that has been published in Deccan Chronicle and The Asian Age all over India exposing the scam institution UCW. We are corresponding with the media in Canada to expose the scam by UCW and its parent company Eminata Group owned by Peter Chung.‘dubious’-canadian-varsity-972
Indian students and all students are being warned not to apply for this dubious varsity and the matter has been also sent to the Indian Embassy in Canada, High Commission of Canada in India and the Ministry of Advanced Education in Victoria.
Amit Panda
Senior Correspondent
The Asian Age   -- Media Exposes UCW"

"I don’t know about these two students but I know Sai Chander Bohta, who is a student of UCW and an agent for UCW from Hyderabad is misleading students from Hyderabad for UCW’s program. I know for sure that he has paid all his tuition fee and related expenses from the commission from UCW.
UCW pays $3,000 per student, which what Sai Bohta is getting and paying his tuition fee. Actually, students are paying commission to these agents from their inflated fees and shitty degree.   
If any one has doubt on my statements,let him respond or Verna, Daren or Ben Thapa respond to deny it. "

Dan, I am ex student, just escaped from being victim of UCW. I had deposited my initial fee but withdrew after knowing and seeing UCW campus, which looks like fly by night operations. They really harassed me for my refund and deducted $250 for just holding my money for six months.
I know lots of their ex students, who moved out from UCW after royal screw by them. I know details from them including documents.
I am also talking to few reporters, will let you know.
Send me an email."
-- Rohit Thampi 

"there are two hyderabad guys who are doing mba in that college and they are doing business of sending the students to canada from hyderabad saying that the collge is very good. so that they will get the commission of about 2000 dollars of one student. Those guys are from hyderabad. Please don’t believe there words. because I am the pratical person who lost lots of money because of those fucking fellows. There names are pradeed and arvind."
"Please don’t go especally hyderabad guys and indian students to this university because its waste and the college is single floor and top waste college in canada and request canada govt to close this college."
-- from Hyderabad

"You think the comments are exaggerated?? Have you been lied to or have had your money stolen by UCW? You are probably an insider at UCW claiming to feign ignorance. You think the media is not working on this story, so many of us have complained that even the provincial govt. is now listening. Wait and watch, the fraud at UCW is going to be exposed in a way that it deserves. The lying cheats at UCW and Eminata Group will be exposed individually. How do these people sleep at night knowing what they have done to the lives of the students who trusted them and looked upto them?
The scam will end very soon just like Lansbridge University was shut down by the Ministry, the same will happen to UCW for its fraud. Anyway, more and more students are aware and no longer applying to this fraudulent university. -- UCW Scam"

"One of my professor’s at UCW relies only on Youtube videos to teach in class, I cannot understand why I am paying so much money to see these videos??
I am ashamed to be a part of UCW. I have to lie to people about the name of my university.  -- Teaching is Pathetic"

"I just joined UCW for the January 2012 term. I was completely deceived by the people at UCW and brought to this third class university. The orientation was so horrible and depressing, it really brought me to tears that my parents hard earned money is going to be wasted here.
How can I leave and can anybody guide me how to get into another university? I also learned that all other admissions are closed now and I will get nothing. That is why UCW intake happens so late after other colleges and universities so that innocent students have no choice but to stay. Is there any other university in Canada that is open for admission?? Please help me, I cannot study here. It will destroy my future.
I went to Ben Thapa to ask for refund, he told me to see Saurabh Vashisth. Now these two are telling me that once I receive my visa I cannot get a refund. What the fuck is that?? UCW does not show campus photos on their presentation, on their website or any brochures, I am feeling completely cheated and now I cannot get my parents money back either. Ben Thapa says that UCW MBA is great and UCW will help me find jobs, but old students just told me that internship programs are not even working in UCW. All students are working illegally and working labour jobs. My parents will be very dissapointed as we have taken huge loans to support tuition fees.
Is there anyone who can help me, please tell me how can speak to the Education Ministry or who can I complian to, please help it is urgent. -- Stuck, please help"

"After knowing UCW’s poor reputation and quality of education, I decided to withdraw my application and asked for refund. They were not responding for two months and thereafter harassed me for more than another two months.
I took up the issues with Canadian Consulate and Media. Thereafter they paid not only full refund but with interest.
Write to Consulate of Canada and copy to University stating facts of your case and university’s lack of response or response,if any. They can’t get away. It is a scam they are operating and now they are exposed. Ask for interest payment along with refund as you are paying for it for their scam.
You will get your refund along with interest. -- Student"

"UCW and CDI colleges will not change, they are still lying to us in the Campus and colleges without realizing a fact that students are experiencing atrocious and detestable academic quality at very high cost, as most have us are stuck with them. All the operations of these scam colleges are run by people with no academic background
We as a student community of these scam university and colleges inform all the potential students to avoid these fraudulent institutions as you will be simply wasting your time and money here. Sure you will only gather shit degree or diploma which has no value to, employers and huge frustration.
Please stay away from them.  -- Students Group"

"What is this student care nonsense??? This group cares about students, what a joke!!!What and who are they going to prosecute?? Is this Eminata Group?? They want to prosecute people for telling the truth?? Hello Eminata Group this is not your dream world, this is a reality that you suck and we live in a democratic country, Canada is not your CDI College where anything goes.
Bastards, you are the one who will be prosecuted soon for the fraud you have committed against students. Just wait and watch.  -- Anonymous"

"Ebrahim and student care group, if you are so honest and satisfied with UCW, why did students write a petition few days ago addressed to Verna Magee-Shepherd complaining about sad state of UCW and complaining about Daren Hancott’s false promises and unprofessional approach to students.
Stop telling lies and be truthful to your own conscious and other students who are suffering at UCW’s pathetic state as a University.  -- another fellow of Ebrahim"

"I was also a student of UCW, but I hated it!! I am not the only one. Do you know how many of us have left UCW and gone to other colleges and universities? Be serious and swear to your mother that UCW is a good university, stop lying to yourself and everyone else.
At least 8 of my friends have left UCW and joined another far better university in Vancouver.
UCW is shit and will always be shit!! -- come on !!!!!"

"Is it true that people are going to CBC news, Vancouver Sun, Globe and Mail etc? Turn these bastards in – upper management deserves to be brought to prosecution through criminal charges. They have done many illegal things and justice needs to prevail. Support Occupy Campus and get involved. The way Eminata works is that they will look to find who did things – search among their staff- they won’t focus on improvements or figure out how did we get here. They are masters at cover ups – NAIL THEM NOW!!! Sleeping with students to get a bonus? Talk about some slimy people…. start at the top w/Chung and his top crownies need to all be investigated. Student Loans, Immigration, Ministry of Education, PICTIA etc etc. Turn them in with letters and calls…..   
-- Dan now a smart man"

"In order to survive the politic and competitive environment at the campus I had no choice but do anything to recruit a student. I was on full commission with an advance draw. If I met my target, I will be able to cover my next months rent check. If I became the lowest revenue generator, I will be fired. Like the Jim Pattison tactic selling used cars. We face weekly bombardment on meeting the numbers and head count. No one talked about progress or education at these conference calls. Just numbers, leads, closing rate, fired or bonus. Stone cold process. Numbers, why missing he target, click, hung up, next campus. I was forced to make cold calls on Internet inquiries despite the fact that some of these leads were merely an indication of interest instead of solid interest from a prospective student. The marching order is to turn ice into boiling water. Use iPad, low interest loans, largest in Canada, guaranteed jobs to feed the pigs then slaughter them. No senior advisor is willing to help the newbies because every body count can mean job or jobless by the next review.
After Eminata bought UCW, first order of business was to target immigrant students because they tend to be pushovers and less likely to complaint about anything. I was instructed to inform an Indian student that if he complaints about the school, he will loose his student visa immediately. The student promptly shut up. Management quoted “international students are fatter pigs and easier to be slaughtered.”. It was funny how they said it in a meeting. I quit!
I saw the devastation these tactics have caused and finally threw in the towel. The teachers are good people, it is the direction from the very top that made the difference of life or death. -- FORMER STAFF"

"MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! That is all that summarizes University Canada West.
All these greedy bastards want money from us students and they do not give a shit about us in anyway at all. Not one employer knows or recognizes UCW, what are we going to do after graduation, drowning in student loans.
Incredibly rubbish people running the show all working for commissions and ripping the students.
Ministry of Advanced Education, WAKE UP ! UCW lies about everything, how can you qualify this place as a university.
Ministry must inform students of all the cases that have been filed against UCW. 
-- UCW is all about the MONEY!"

"I agree Shilpa Samji is really bad, but that is not just student service. This is a joke from top to bottom. Mickey mouse set up at the cost of students dolling out thousands of dollars. Have you seen the attitude and egos of these people?? Incredible, they teach management but cannot even manage themselves. Joke, its a joke!!
Go to facebook and see what all the existing students say about UCW, not one of us is happy, we are depressed, this dingy place drives us crazy. Shitty library, shitty student area, shitty everything!!!! My MBA is bankrupting me and making these assholes rich.
It’s incredible that we study at this place. If I had not spent the money in the first term, I would have walked out a long time ago. I got lied to my face about what this shitty university and now its too late.
We are all tired of this university, but cannot leave now. I would not wish UCW on my enemies!!!  -- Its a joke !!!"

"SHEESH YALL!! Me studying at UCW, well at least WAS studying at UCW!!! Totally fed up of this crapping junk having to put up with everyday.
Hey UCW you call this Student Services??? Shilpa Samji is nothing but a rude and bitchy. Heard from older students that she was in Finance and now Student Services, what the hell is that?? Finance has experience of dealing with students ??? Perhaps Shilpa should also start teaching!!!! Anything possible at UCW basketcase!!!!!
Shilpa has no idea how to talk to students, hey Shilpa wake up, you are not doing us a favor, we are doing a favor to you!!! You have your job just because students like me got stuck in going to UCW. You would never get hired at a good university for anything let alone student services.
Tired of place can’t stand the stink of losers who run this place now they say that Student Services is discontinuing the placement service as if they ever had one!!!!!!!!
Wasted $9,000 dollars here, but no freaking more. Go to hell UCW and take Shilpa Samji with you!!!!!!!! Good riddance!  -- FED UP AND CHECKING OUT !!!"

"I agree with Dan and Sony, the whole group is a scam and management is operating like a mafia under the garb of education. They are all committing white collar crimes targeted to innocent students of poor countries. Sheer exploitation of students and their families.Students are taking education loan and cannot service because employers are not recognizing UCW’s degree and rightly so because quality and level of education is abysmally low. It is low the quality of management and teaching staff is of sub-standard quality.
Enough is enough, they cannot be allowed to cheat and exploit students and tarnish the of our country as well other Canadian institutions.
Please send en mass letters to Ministry of Higher Education, Victoria, immigration department and Canadian Consulate in India,Pakistan, Bangladesh,Nepal and China.
You will be saving and serving lives and career of innocent students from these poor countries.  -- Facts about UCW"

"This ranting is right on target and full of facts and truths. These are not just emotional comebacks from students they are speaking the absolute truth. BC Ministry needs to contact professors and maybe staff who used to work in Victoria. They can tell you everything, with facts and no doubt proof all the while doing it with their heads held up high. This school is hurting the bigger picture of higher education and it is shocking that the BC Ministry would get involved. They got involved remember when there were people, like the founder David Strong ex U Vic President, who they could trust. He is long gone as are all the real professors. I heard the Dean of the School, Syndey or sidney, has her PhD in Home Economics:?{_)(* Amazing but that is just the shifting sand they portray as stability. Daren and Ben are liars – they are paid to be liars. That is the foundation of Eminata – half truths, just enough to squeak by under any radar watching.
To say this school is a joke is such an understatement – it is unethical and I can guarantee, using very illegal practices…… Come on – who the hell would hire these clowns at reputable universities. Call the President, Chung and talk to him. Skip the Prez as he is the training ground for these clowns….. nice hair piece or are they plugs …… really classless group – stay away and report them anywhere and everywhere…. Victoria students and staff (past) might be willing to help shed some light on this to higher authorities….. stop this crap now – Another goof is the leader of the used car salesman… now there is a piece of work – unbelievable liar. How do these people sleep at night???? 
-- Dan the Man"

"This university offers no value at all. Its is very expensive, offers no hope for employment and only relies on taking in students. If you think that this university will provide a career to you then you are making a great mistake. 
This university is for those who are very sub-standard since everything is below par and very shabby. 
The students have nothing to be proud of by attending UCW.
So many people cannot be wrong about UCW, there is truth in everything, see the CBC story about UCW.  -- Scam University" 
"1. UCW is a business and no intent to build careers of students through providing education. UCW is only looking at the number of student as they make more revenue without providing any quality education, internship, placements etc. 
Show me a university which has five in takes of students in a year, reason is to make $$$$$$$$ and numbers, no interest for students career or their life. 
2. Ben Thapa, Daren Hancott are ill qualified for their jobs and their track record proves beyond doubt that where ever they have worked in the past, that University and College have shut down and now they have successfully done with UCW too. 
3. If they have sufficient balls, let them contradict the above statement. 
4.Verna Magee- Shepherd,Vice- Chancellor is heading a Management School of UCW and has neither academic background nor any relevant experience to head the business school.Verna is only passing her time and making money unethically. She should be held accountable and shall be prosecuted and hanged in the court of public. Your time is coming soon Verna. You have to respond to the students and community. 
5. No public education institution would have ever hired them except university like UCW, who can never attract right people to manage the school as no person with right senses will join them. 
6. As a student of UCW, I am asking a question to them, Have you- Verna and Daren ever taken a course or even a session with students in last two years despite your claim of doctorates degrees. We now know how you got them. Same will exploded.
7. Stop your nonsense as we students have realized your true colors. 
-- Facts about UCW"

"I agree with Harish’s comments. Ben and Daren met us in Mumbai last month. They had no clue as what presentation they were making and could give any satisfactory reply student’s who were brought by agents.They could not reply on the quality of education and rating of their institution. They had no pictures of UCW campus and mentioned that campus is being built, where and when it will come up, both of them started stammering incoherently.
Not a single student, out of group of about 10 students, stayed back to sign with them. We have reported this matter to Ministry of Human Resources to take up with Canadian consulate in New Delhi, to stop such swindlers of education system to come to India. 
-- Rajan Strivastav" 

"UCW is steal and committing all the possible act of stealing money from innocent students from India and other regional countries. Canadian consulate is fully aware now and rejection of visa are the only possibility for UCW applicants, if any.
UCW students are not getting jobs and are working as unskilled workers in malls and restaurants.
Please be aware and don’t waste your money,time and career by looking at UCW. 
-- Day light Robbers"

"The provincial government in BC is investigating UCW and some of the students in Victoria who were completely cheated by UCW andthe university was shut down, have filed law suits against UCW.
Immigration is also looking at the university’s fradulent methods to recruit Chinese, Indian and other international students. China govt is also not approving UCW for their students!!!!!!  -- Investigation !!"

"How can international students get sucked in to this university? Through only lies, lies, lies and more lies!
You are wasting your money and time by going to University Canada West.
Be aware that if you attend this school, you will have no future in Canada or your own countries. This university is already under investigation by several Canadian govt. bodies.  -- No Future for Int. Students"
"Its unbelievable what people will do to make a quick buck !!! Going through University Canada West website (worse than a car sales website, demonstrates nothing that is academic), we find that even retired people from a good public background have joined hands with this university to make money!!!!
Look at the About University Canada West page:
The president is Verna Magee-Sheperd who worked for BCIT as per Google search. Now her greed for money has brought her to this massive scam of a university. How much do you get paid to sell your soul??? Shame on you Ms. Verna Magee-Sheperd, how do you sleep at night when you steal from poor innocent students??? You would not send your own kids to this university, would you now???
SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!  -- Nothing but ABSOLUTE GREED"

"Forget what anyone else tells you about University Canada West, look at what prominent British Columbia people are saying about this “glorious” university. TOTAL SHAM!!!!!
“A university should offer a wide range of instructional programs backed up by an extensive research mandate,” said Norma Wieland, President of the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of B.C. “From the information that has been made available to date, University Canada West is nowhere close to meeting that goal.”
UCW offers sub-standard MBA and Bachelor’s degree programs. Does that make it a university ???
“The B.C. government’s emphasis on allowing the expansion of private universities is a failed vision,” said Cindy Oliver, president of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of B.C. “What we need in B.C. is for the government to commit to high-quality, affordable post-secondary education so that average and low-income students and their families are not disadvantaged. These private universities, like University Canada West, are notoriously expensive and certainly do not address the access problems for students.”
You see UCW is very expensive for what it has to offer!!! It is housed on one floor in an office building and expects to be called a university!!! Students are pouring 30,000-50,000 dollars for a degree that no one recognizes!!!!!
Wake up and smell the roses!!! Or in case of University Canada West, wake up and smell the SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!   -- UCW is a SHAM UNIVERSITY"

"Dan is absolutely right!! Foreign students have no way of knowing what UCW actually is!! UCW staff lie to students and portray a great university, but this place is nothing but a shit hole when they get here. This bullshit university is designed to attract only unlucky foreign students who fall for this place. Its too late by the time they get here !!! UCW holds student money and does not return anything to the students!!! Is that not cheating???
There is no way of getting your money back for a faulty product!!!! This is outrageous. OPEN YOUR EYES, dont ruin your life with a degree from this basket case university, it will shut down very soon anyway, all you will have is a piece of garbage paper in your hand!! -- UCW steals from Foreign Students"

"Good point about quality of students but there are many who can not get into a traditional university based on GPA. That is why UCW exists – to gather that pool and bring them in. Their focus is on foreign students because they do not know better and believe they are getting a good North American education – NOT!!! This school has rude ill informed staff that act on emotion rather than what is best for the student. The staff is unprofessional at best and very very stressed. And very untalented. Chaos is the perfect word for UCW – UCW is a black eye for higher education – BUT the problem lies with the Ministry of Education who allows these types of private schools. Shame on them – go talk to your political rep – tell them your issues – maybe if enough people did that the Ministry might start paying attention. Threatening to turn someone into Immigration shows that UCW has a HUGE problem in that area. Many go missing under the radar and float around Canada after being admitted to this lame school…… they have no systems to track anything. Fly by night operation at best. How long can you say they are in start up phase??? They will remain in start up phase until someone shuts them down…. -- Dan now a smart man"

"I have finally had enough of UCW. I started my MBA program this September and I was told that this is a good university and I will have a good career. But the reality is completely different. The staff do not care about the students, we are just a money making machine for this university. From registrar office to student services, everyone is so rude and so not helpful. They make me feel that that are doing me a favour by giving me an appointment to see them. I was told that we would have internships and placements at the UCW, but I cannot see anything. The environment is so bad here.
I finally decided to change my university because I went to apply for a internship with RBC and they asked me WHAT IS UNIVERSITY CANADA WEST??? The bank is 1 block from UCW and still no one knows or cares about this university!!
Us studnets will have no future at this depressing university, I think students are desperate having paid so much already and many cannot leave. This is not a university, it is complete chaos. Advise all students to stay away from UCW, you are wasting your time and hard earned money. I am applying to another university for January, leaving this horrendous, disastrous place. When I inform them that I am leaving, student services threaten me that they will inform immigration, I said go ahead and do it and I will file a formal complaint against UCW with immigration. This is how they treat the students!!! 

"This school is remedial at best. Owners don’t care about education – they care about money, plain & simple. President of UCW is bought, plain and simple. Knows nothing about business and is weak in her educational philosophies. She is a puppet on a string. Golly gee…. gush….The school has weak infrastructure and has deep deep problems with networks platforms providing educational materials. People complain about “reps” not speaking proper English (most), who in their right mind would take a shit job like that. Immigrants? You bet… Convincing people to go to school so they can collect $ and get a “bonus” based on $$. Now that is a perspective gone wrong!!! Liars, cheaters, really really weak management and staff the same color as students just to make everyone feel “welcome” and comfortable. Staff with no experience in much at all…. It is a crap school and the degree is a degree but it is not well received in the real world. Staff can say what they want, but the truth is this school is taking advantage of foreign students and the lack of regulations in Canada. Wake up BC Ministry!! It is not where you want education to go. -- Anonymous"

"The worst university in Canada !!!! The campus is rubbish, I feel like writing to the governing ministry how they ever gave license to such a place. I am beginning to doubt the govt now. There are colleges that have better infrastructure than this so called university?????
After looking at this dismal place, I have come to realise that the above is true, this is just a money making scheme and being run by greedy people who charge shit loads of money for the worst quality of education ever.
Do not just avoid this school, run as far as possible from this crap!!!!
I have to write to the govt. to ensure that this university stops stealing from innocent students. -- Hanif Mohammed"

"watch out for this school-beware-do homework-blogs on the internet tell the truth-they are not lying-they will gt you into the school because they get paid to get you into the school-chinese embassy told students to stay away-Indian embassy is too desperate to help indians to do the same – I think they get paid under the table to get students for this school – person in charge is a puppet for the evil masters, Eminata. my experience is to go to a regular school. it doesn’t matter that it is expensive at ucw, problem is the quality and the poor image it portrays—-stay away—your degree will be useless and you will spend alot of money getting it——liars, cheats and frauds -- frank lee disgusted"

"a fraud, cheat, scam, by crooked people is the definition of university of canada west. they closed their campus without any warning & we were left lurching with no one answering our calls.
eminata is a great fraud helping students with fake degrees all around canada, degrees are unaccredited you dont get credit transfers to other universities & you only had it once you are here
no no no no no to this school  -- hamid haneef"

"Deepika, there is a difference in committing suicide in a well & in a pond, in the well at least your dead body is not dirty with mud, in pond your dead body is covered with mud, dust & foul smell. Please if you want to commit suicide, do it in a well or better go to flowing river, at least die peacefully. They will not give you even a NOC in case you want to change the campus in between after realising the truth about them, they will not give you the same. For your information I am ex student from Canada West, trust me its all tri valley university scene here. Wish you lots of good luck Deepika.
I dont find the rating in minus, that should be provided. this will let us give the exact facts about this university. many has become fools at least you dont become…………..univesrity of chinese people……..for profits…………………no after jobs……………… value………………all teachers if given a chance to appear in exams will fail……………….. -- SA"

"What do you mean disbanded? The entire UCW is shut down or only the Victoria campus? PCTIA doesn’t govern universities I was told when I called the 800#. UCW is governed by the BC Ministry of Adv Education and DQAB. Those are the people to complain to to get $ back. I am angry about wasting my time and $ with a useless school. Can’t run a business and yet you let others think you can run a business offering BUSINESS degrees??? Hypocracy at its finest. Stay away from this Eminata. They are not on the level. Better business bureau should be contacted. Always feel sorry for students – they are the ones suffering…. -- QUI"

"I am from India. I went here and left to go home with no actual degree. The school is unacredited. The school ripped me for $30,000! and then they closed down teh school and I had to go learn in a crapy office building and watch movies in class. School is not a real university. I suggest no Indian students attend this School. Schools in INDIA are much better, Also, the actual universities in Canada, like UBC and UVIC are much cheaper and have good reputation. I suggest you go there and not here. Tell all your friends, this school is a scam.
For example, they give MBA to students who cant speak english and do math or write a proper essay. In real schools they would be expelled but here they just want your money, so they will keep any student even if they are very stupid.
This school is a diploma mill in Canada. it should be illegal.  -- Akbar"

"I am from india and an ex student of this so called “university”.
i req students from India not to fall in their trap. Avoid university canada west. Consultancy people say shit abt this unvi to us. Dont believe them. It effect your future so much.
This is not at all an university. It is placed in two floors of a office building. Its so small place. Govt schools in our country are better than this.
Dont waste ur money. This is my personal exp. -- Kiran"

"Very unorganized for the $ they charge. saying it will get better is like saying we know we suck but come anyway. marketed in india to students (some) who wouldn`t get in anywhere else in canada. easy way in through immigration….rude staff, very pushy but culturally correct for student population, dumpy Vancouver campus, old equipment, lacking library, a dismal approach to education. parent company is ethically questionable. Don`t waste your valuable time and money – UCW is a diploma mill SCAM. they care about statistics not students…… i left and went to a true main stream university and was so glad. -- Mohammed"

"School is unaccredited. They say they are accredited by some fake agency, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. Avoid this diploma mill at all costs. It is a scam for people from India. The “school” is a total scam, the MBA program is a joke and I analogize the “university” to Devry. Go to a real school and save you career and money – UBC and U Vic are CHEAPER!!!! -- Ahmed"

"This school is a total scam as are all of Eminata’s so called career colleges. There admissions reps are all like used car salesmen, praising performances on entrance exams that are grade 10 math and english. It is a waste of money and the quality of the academic people who run the show are no better than the used car salespeople in admissions. The University is a joke because the company who owns them know how to slide under the radar for detection for many things. Don’t go to a school unless you want to be there – these people will try to talk you into going to University Canada West because they care more about their student statistics and bonuses than they do about your best interests and education. The leaders at the University are weak and don’t have a clue how to provide a good education. They are rejects from University of Phoenix – oh yeah – wasn’t that the largest civil lawsuit in Canadian History under the guidance of the present UCW Academic people? Hancot was in charge when they went down and guess where he is now??? Surprise! They got the boot out of Canada and so should this school – go to a school where you will get a good education. This place sucks 
-- Angelina-Argentina"

"I know the inside about this so called University…It was started by Dr. David Strong who was from UVIC. He was forced out by the new parent company called the Eminata Group which ownes CDI College, Vancouver Career College, and even a Nursing Home for elders. Now the school has a campus in Vancouver and Victoria.
First, the Victoria campus is an old and grungy Elementary school. The campus is a complete joke. Then there is the Vancouver campus. The admission to the school is a joke. The student body is made up of 95% students from India because the school markets to Indian people in India. They tell them that the school is highly reputable. THe Vancouver campus is in an office building…JOKE!
Final Advice…..DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE. The “Admissions” people are Sales people who will do whatever it takes to get you to apply. Everyone is accepted. The company is Bullshit and is run by garbage.
This is written by someone who knows the inside scoop about this company. They do not care about quality. They focus on quantity. Don’t fall for their sales pitches. I WOULD NEVER HIRE SOMEONE WHO HAS CREDENTIALS FROM The University Canada West.
Their Admissions Staff (or Sales People) have weekly targets that they have to reach. They all report to a VP of Student Recruitment named Joseph. I actually applied to this school and when I came to the realization that it is a scam, I wanted to cancel and was told by the Admissions staff person that I would have to speak to their VP Joseph. He called me and kept trying to convince me that the school was the best choice for me. I felt like I was talking to a used car salesman. That Joseph person even tried to bribe me by offering me a few classes for free. He told me he has his MBA and when I asked him where he got it from he said he couldn’t tell me…This company gives people VP titles like candy.
I’ve chosen to keep confidential because I don’t want the school to contact me anymore! I’ve enrolled into UBC for the MBA program and couldn’t be happier. -- JJ"

 "School is a joke – avoid it. Its all Chinese and brown kids getting ripped off. No one has ever been denied admission, and most of the students cant even speak English. For example, go to their facebook page and see the kind of spelling and grammar these “MBA” students have. I would not want to be associated with this school at all. School is certainly a scam. Go to a real university like UBC and save your money. -- Alf"

"WORST UNIVERSITY IN CANADA. avoid this diploma mill. Employers will laugh at you. It also costs 100,000, whereas UBC only costs 20,000$ for the degree. The school’s “campus” is a dumpy office building in teh ghetto. It is not a real university – it is just called this to lure in ignorant exchange students from the Middle East and Asia. Avoid this scam. UCW is not even ranked it is so bad. -- DS"

"The MBA program GUARANTEES that you will pass. What kind of hokey crap is that?? They don’t want a GMAT, they just want your money. Matchbook MBA at best. David Strong, former President of UVic was at the head for a while. Looks like he was looking for a hobby during his retirement! The campus is located in and around subsidized low-income housing – a real stimulating campus for sure! Inner city surroundings for an Ivy league price! Shame, shame!  -- Sarah"

"Do not go to this school – employers laughed at me after I told them I went here – Im serious. Stay far away – It is a SCAM  -- Dave"

"They don’t even bother with the GMAT testing for their MBA program. They said that the GMAT testing is used by other universities for “filtering students”. They would rather assess you on academics alone. Also, University of Canada West is not even listed in the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). Which makes me question this university even more.  -- MEXICO"

"A University Canada West MBA will only hurt your resume. University Canada West is the only for profit MBA in the country. Employers hire MBA students based on their grades and the reputations of the schools they attend. University Canada West is a scam, and their MBA program is the worst in the country. Its in an a small office in an office building in a dodgy part of Vancouver. University Canada West is without a doubt the worst university in Canada, and it will only embarrass you on a resume. -- Alex"

"Yeah, that is what this institution is all about. The reps get points for each student they enroll and this leads to commission.  -- Anonymous"

"I was contacted by The “University of Canada West” to do a phone interview as I wanted information on the MBA Programs being offered at this university. First of all, I found it rather odd that I called this (privately-owned) institution for some basic information and was hastily given an appointment for a phone interview with an admissions representative. The same night I called to get information on MBA programs (Monday, October 26), a man by the name of “Silvester Baskoro”, the Admissions Representative called me and we started discussing the MBA program offered at the university. Silvesterdid not answer many of my questions and often attempted to dodge them by changing the subject. He did not speak English well and therefore I could not understand everything he was saying. He led me through a slideshow which was supposed to answer all of my questions, but I was left feeling more confused than reassured. Throughout the whole process, I felt extremely rushed and pressured, almost as if I was sitting through a presentation for a timeshare. The representative was not focused on my satisfaction as a potential student, but rather, spent all his time attempting to “close the deal”. He asked for my transcript, my university degree and my resume and told me he was 99% sure that I would get accepted to the institution, which shocked me because he did not even speak to the Head of Admissions before making such statements. When I asked about the university’s statistics and standings, he refused to give me any real data, as he said they had a different criteria for measuring their standards. I felt like a salesman was pressuring me and trying to get me into a shady commitment. Finally, he said if I wanted to apply, he needed $150.00 USD. He kept rushing and insisting I give him my credit card number without explaining any of the regulations. I finally caved and give him my card number. However, after giving it some thought, I realized I needed more time to decide whether I wanted to apply to a school that seemed more like a scam than a real institution. I called the representative back and asked for a refund of my $150 USD and was refused several times by him and his senior director, Chris Velascowho said it was against their policy. I am very disappointed because I was rushed into giving them my money without having anyone explain their policies to me and now that I want a refund, they refuse to issue one. What kind of institution needs to scam their students into a “quality education”? I think this story should be, because I am sure I am not the first person this university has stolen money from. As students, we are only trying to better ourselves so that we can contribute to our families, the economy and the nation as a whole, but with universities such as this one, we are left to wonder whether they are focused on the education or they just want to make easy money. I am positive that these “Admissions Representatives”, have told many others about their credited university and taken money from them without explaining any of the conditions, only to leave the applications disappointed and financially strained. The University of Canada West is a dishonest, shady and phony educational institution that is more bent on getting their money than delivering quality education and should be reprimanded for their conduct. Please consider this complaint as myself and other students are struggling to make ends meet and the last thing we need is another private institution taking all of our money.  -- Hanif"

The following have been taken from GET DEGREES:

"I am a current student at the Vancouver Campus and every week there is a news story about UCW in the newspapers and tv channels. This university is really letting the students down in every way. We try and talk to the management and all we get is lies. Of course that is why students are going to other places to share their frustrations. The biggest problem is Daren Hancott at the university, he does not treat anyone well. He threatens the students, the staff and also the media people who come to the campus. Is this really the way to behave with anyone? The Eminata management come to the campus and lie about the quality and do not listen to students at all. Even the staff have no clue what they are saying or doing anymore. The President Verna also quit the university and the students heard that she got fed up of the management at Eminata that is only in the business of making money not education. I am very afraid that all my money is going to be wasted at UCW.  
Reviewed by: Raj D, Master in management-degree on March 30th, 2012"

"IUCW is a scam university, wasting time,money.and career of innocent students from India and other Asian countries.
These students come thinking that its a Canadian university, must be offering quality education, but I am repenting and stuck because I have taken huge loan. Other universities in Vancouver are not accepting credit transfer as they do not recognize UCW as a university. they are asking me to start a fresh, thereby wasting my 11 months of MBA program.. Can somebody guide me, what should I do.  
Reviewed by: Rajesh r, Master in business-administration-degrees on December 19th, 2011"

"Did the Certificate in Addictions program as a career change. The admissions guy ( who has since been fired) lied his face off about job prospects after completion of the program. Other than that he was like any good used car salesman,charming and persuasive.
My class had 4 instructors over the 8 month term including the director of the school, one of the nursing instructors and a failed social worker, was fired after student complaints of incompetence .
Anther instructor was hired who never started, as his credentials were found to have been purchased from a US diploma mill.
The value of the certificate and employment prospects were way over-sold.The school was not of any help in practicum placement.
Having competed the program,I would have been better to stand outside on a windy day and throw away 13,000.
The only real benifit came with an education deduction on this years tax return that netted me a refund.  Reviewed by: John S, Certificate in on April 5th, 2011"

"University of Phoenix throw backs for admin and faculty. Ego centric and money driven. NOT a good learning environment. Quality of education VERY questionable. SLIMY corporate ownership - owns career colleges. Pictures on home page are not real-marketing ploy - STAY away - you will reget it - stick to traditional universities. Better or your future. Set up to take advantage of Indian and Asian students - who know no better and get a quick ride "in" to Canada. Reviewed by: Karen L, Master in on March 18th, 2011"

"This place is a total scam. All the negative posts are bang on-terrible management and rude staff. All they care about is money. they will hunt you down in class and collect tuition in front of other students. Unprofessional and rude. Students are angry but management there does care. they took away our voice by dissolving the student council - is that legal? Don't waste your money and DON'T start. Courses do not transfer to other universities. Don't pay even their application money - or they will not stop calling and calling and calling you. Day and night, night and day and talk you into going here. the sales people don't speak proper English - who are they fooling. They are not worth it. University Canada West is a total scam and the BC Ministry better open their eyes to see what they have let seep into Canada - purely destructive to education. A commodity is it? BS - stay away from this hell hole. Reviewed by: Ranoush S, Master in on February 9th, 2011"

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE. The "Admissions" people are Sales people who will do whatever it takes to get you to apply. Everyone is accepted. The company is Bullshit and is run by garbage.

This is written by someone who knows the inside scoop about this company. They do not care about quality. They focus on quantity. Don't fall for their sales pitches. I WOULD NEVER HIRE SOMEONE WHO HAS CREDENTIALS FROM The University Canada West.

"Their Admissions Staff (or Sales People) have weekly targets that they have to reach. They all report to a VP of Student Recruitment named Joseph. I actually applied to this school and when I came to the realization that it is a scam, I wanted to cancel and was told by the Admissions staff person that I would have to speak to their VP Joseph. He called me and kept trying to convince me that the school was the best choice for me. I felt like I was talking to a used car salesman. That Joseph person even tried to bribe me by offering me a few classes for free. He told me he has his MBA and when I asked him where he got it from he said he couldn't tell me...This company gives people VP titles like candy.
I've chosen to keep confidential because I don't want the school to contact me anymore! I've enrolled into UBC for the MBA program and couldn't be happier. Reviewed by: J J, Master in on February 5th, 2011"

"School is a scam. I Just dropped out and it was the best decision of my life. The teachers are nobody's and all the students cant read or write in english. Save your self alot of money and go to a real school. University Canada West is a scam. Thankfully I will be going to SFU next fall but sadly I cant use any of my credits from UCAN because no real school accepts credits from this diploma mill. I should have known this when I applied to UCAN but i was just ignorant. I realized that credits would be useless when the class couldn't read or write in English and most of the time we watched movies. Such a joke school. I think their whole purpose is to take advantage and rip off brown and Chinese immigrants. Reviewed by: raj p, Bachelor in on January 29th, 2011"

"School is s scam. I went there for one semester. They charged me 20 thousand dollars. The teachers were not helpful and we watched movies most of the time. I tried to transfer my credits from UCAN to UBC and UBC said they do not recognize credits from this diploma mill. Also, UCAN has no employers that come to campus like real universities, so you have to find a job yourself. This is next to impossible however because no employer has ever heard of this school! I will never get a job if I leave this terrible university on my resume. I am enrolling in UBC next fall so I can go to a real school and I guess I just wasted 20 grand at UCAN - which by the way is houses in an office building - not a campus. What a joke this school was. Also, it is all immigrants who cant speak english. Avoid this dump. Reviewed by: sd s, Master in on January 7th, 2011"

"all of the reviews are clearly written by the staff of this diploma mill. University Canada West is a scam and it is probably not accredited. It is comparable to devry and the only reason is why it is called a "university" is because British Columbia has lax education standards. Also, it costs ten times more than otehr schools. Employers and friends will laugh at you if you go to this diploma mill. Do your reaerch - this is not a real university - it is a scam, If i were to review it, i would say it is the worst university in Canada. It is not reviewed by the big news magazines because it is not accredited. That is a huge red flag. Do not go to this scam diplma mill. Reviewed by: UCAN I, Certificate in on November 7th, 2010"