A Brief Overview

Here is a brief overview of the Eminata Group and its schools:


Executive Chairman of the Eminata Group. Previous owner of "Wilshire Computer College" which was ordered shut down by state authorities in California. He was later ordered to pay $12 million dollars to students he had defrauded -- he never paid and openly brags about that today. From The Province: 

"In the final judgment, handed down in 1993, it was alleged Chung and his companies had commit-ted over 10,000 violations of state business code, including encouraging students to falsify documents so they could obtain federal loans; making misleading statements about employment opportunities; and lying about the school's accreditation.

"Instruction was inadequate, in part, because teachers were not available to teach during the full class time the course was represented to require; WCC lacked adequate placement services; insufficient properly operating equipment was available on which students could practise; and with the possibility of a rare exception, WCC students did not obtain such high-paying jobs after graduation," the federal court documents alleged.

Chung interprets the events differently and maintains his innocence. "I never admitted to wrongdoing - to this day I don't." To see the documentation, click: here



President and CEO of the Eminata Group. Prior to Eminata he was vice-president of Corinthian Colleges, Inc. Corinthian Colleges has a dubious reputation among students and is renowned for being an unethical corporation. CCI also owns Everest College. 

In July 2007, Corinthian Colleges agreed to pay $6.5 million to settle a lawsuit alleging that the chain engaged in unlawful business practices by exaggerating its record of placing students in well-paying jobs; the amount included $5.8 million in restitution to students as well as $500,000 in civil damages and $200,000 in court costs.

  • In October 2007, U.S. Department of Education investigators seized records at several Florida campuses of for-profit colleges, including Corinthian's National School of Technology in Fort Lauderdale ... A spokesperson for the Department of Education's inspector general told news media the agency was seeking to "identify waste, fraud and abuse of federal education dollars."
  • A February 2011 Los Angeles Times article details numerous instances where Corinthian College graduates went deeply in debt with student loans for coursework that didn't lead to high paying careers promised by the college's career counselors. Corinthian College graduates have a 40% student default rate, one of the highest in the nation.
 Regarding Everest: 
  • Bryman College was sued in April 2005 by fourteen of its students at its Tacoma, Washington campus. They claimed they did not receive proper training for their careers in medical assistant program, that they were misled about the program’s accreditation status, their eligibility to take a national certification exam, the transferability of their credits and the availability of internships.
  • A class action suit has been filed against Corinthian Colleges, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary Corinthian Schools, Inc. in Santa Clara Superior Court on behalf of graduates of the Medical Assistant vocational programs offered by Bryman College, which was renamed Everest College. The lawsuit alleges Bryman staff made deceptive statements to prospective and current students related to employment success, in order to induce them to enroll and stay enrolled in their medical training programs.
To read complaints about Everest, click: herehere, and here
To read about an investigation into CCI, click: here



Eminata's Chief Financial Officer since 2009. Quote: "Mr. Kriznic has led the Eminata Group through various strategic school acquisitions and integrations, including CDI College and University Canada West." 

Both CDI college and University Canada West have now become infamous in Canada for their treatment of students, particularly international students

UCW closed down its Victoria campus in March 2011 without warning students. The announcement of the closure came the day after  the deadline for withdrawing from classes without financial penalty. (See more about these schools here and here). 



Vice President of Marketing for the Eminata Group. Before joining in 2008 he worked for several other companies, including the notorious DeVry University. Quote: "Mr. Heinzlmeir spent 15 years with DeVry University (NYSE: DV), serving in several recruitment and marketing management positions for the university's Canadian division where student population grew more than 500%".

In 1995, DeVry was suspended from Ontario's student loan program after a large number of its students misreported their income. DeVry was reinstated after paying fines of CAD$1.7 million and putting up a bond of CAD$2 million.
  • In 1996, students of DeVry's Toronto campus filed a class-action suit claiming poor educational quality and job preparation; the suit was dismissed on technical grounds.
  • In November 2000, Afshin Zarinebaf, Ali Mousavi and another graduate of one of DeVry University’s Chicago-area campuses filed a class-action lawsuit accusing DeVry of widespread deception, unlawful business practices and false advertising and alleging that students were not being prepared for high tech jobs.The lawsuit contributed to a 20% slide in the company's stock.The class was not certified and the case was resolved for less than $25,000 in June 2006.
  • In January 2002, Royal Gardner, a graduate of one of DeVry University’s Los Angeles-area campuses, filed a class-action complaint against DeVry Inc. and DeVry University, Inc. on behalf of students in the post-baccalaureate degree program in Information Technology. The suit alleged that the nature of the program was misrepresented by the advertising. The lawsuit was dismissed and refiled. During the first quarter of 2004, a new complaint was filed in the same court by Gavino Teanio with the same general allegations. This action was stayed pending the outcome of the Gardner lawsuit. The lawsuits were being settled in late 2006.
  • In April 2007 the State of New York settled with three schools that were participating in questionable student loan practices. DeVry, Career Education Corporation, and Washington University in St. Louis were involved with the settlement. DeVry agreed to refund $88,122 back to students. 
  • In 2001, DeVry gained permission from the Alberta government to grant degrees. The NDP claimed conflict of interest as one of the controversial executives of DeVry Inc. served as both the president of DeVry's Calgary campus and as a member of the Premier of Alberta's special advisory council on postsecondary education.
To read complaints about DeVry, click: here, here, here, (a small sample). 
One former student even made a website: Stop DeVry



Vice President and General Counsel for the Eminata Group. He is also Director of the British Columbia Career College Association and serves as the Board Secretary for University Canada West. 

He is responsible for various civil suits launched against any whistle-blowers within Eminata's for-profit colleges. He also happens to file counter-claims against any individuals who take Eminata to court (students and former employees). 

He ignored my previous calls and voice-mail messages (along with other senior management and people involved in the "complaint process" for Eminata). He did however, acknowledge me later while attempting to stifle my freedom of speech and close down this blog.

- Has a penchant for bullying blog owners, single mothers and broke students ... until people know about it -then he's quiet as a mouse!



The Eminata Group is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and owns a number of for-profit educational institutions. It's one of the largest providers of private post-secondary education in Canada. 

It owns:  

Star Education Centre, CDI College, Reeves College, Vancouver College of Art and Design, Vancouver Career College, PCU College of Holistic Medicine, University Canada West. 

For more information on: CDI College, Vancouver Career College, and University Canada West, see the main page of this blog with applicable information on the side bar.

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