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The written statement on the first page is my opinion based on my personal experiences and those of several other students I knew personally, as well as others who have written commentary (whom I do not know personally) but whose opinions I have good cause to believe are truthful and accurate.

The page titled "Warning to Indian Students" is based on the comments of former students which I have no reason to disbelieve, and my personal opinions and advice regarding the quality of education at Eminata managed post-secondary institutions.

The page "Open Letter to Peter Chung" is an expression of my personal feelings and beliefs, which I regard as accurate due to my own personal experiences, information written in The Province newspaper, comments by former students, available litigation details and other public information.

As of April 11, 2012 - I have been contacted by Eminata (see: main page) regarding this blog. I have been asked to shut it down and issue a public apology - neither of which I will do until forced by court order. The rest of the Disclaimer still stands. 

I consider this site to be a valuable public resource providing information on: complaints, litigation, and student opinions about Eminata-managed institutions.

I consider everything written to be covered under Section 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  (See: Freedom of Expression)
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            April 2012.

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