What Employees Say

Here is a sample of what current and former employees of the Eminata Group (educational division) and its schools have to say regarding matters:

 "A current instructor at CDI College’s Surrey campus, who agreed to speak with The Province on condition of anonymity, said she knew some of the online allegations to be valid, including the use of unqualified teachers, misleading enrolment information, commissioned sales reps and inconsistent exam standards."

“It is just about money,” the instructor felt. “The whole thing is just wrong.”

-- Cassidy Olivier, writing for The Province newspaper (see: here)


"Let's start with unfair practices: 

 Mid and low level management hires who they want (friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, family, ex-coworkers) and this is by them deciding which positions to advertise and which ones not too [sic]. Their qualifications are always overlooked and rest [sic]  of the people are asked to cover for their work ...

Campus directors and most regional directors have no clue as what PCTIA policies are and are always breaking them ... 

... both regional directors and campus directors COACH the staff to fool PCTIA ... some directors made indirect sexual favors to give an attractive student another attempt ... 

There is way too much staff recycled from [names of other institutions omitted] ... 
Think about it this way, if these rejects were not successful their [sic] why do you have them hired here?
Are they friends perhaps? Someone else's garbage is now your garbage and you're paying them to keep this garbage. People like [name of manager omitted] ... have infested this company by bringing in his friends and family who have gotten more incompetent heads into this company. ...

Student Issues: 

Integrity issues due to campus directors no [sic] following policy and giving students false hope as there are too many ESL students that are setup to fail by sales people and this practice is promoted by the campus directors ... 

Too many mid-level managers hired who are friends or rejects from other organizations. Basically the staff keeps changing every few months and students are frustrated because they're promised different things by different people. The directors are not taking responsibility. 

... the campus directors cannot fulfil [sic] what has been promised to the student. Students are being enrolled in an unethical manner  ... you are messing with innocent people and their lives by wasting someone two months of time and messing up their car payments or mortgage payments. 

... this company's goal is profit or market dominance at any price ... there are more students now under new ownership that the reps have brought in who are crap quality and don't deserve to be in school at this point in their life ... 

... reps are helping students cheat with the entrance exams ...

... a certain [name omitted] has sexually engaged Vancouver students and staff and as a reward they've been promoted [name omitted] is a piece of garbage that hits on every student and makes negative and sexual comments towards students and staff. Sexual favors have been performed and documents. He has been seen ... touching [students] in a very inappropriate manner. ...

EMINATA group is cheating student's hard earned money by setting them up to fail by playing tricks to get them in ... "

--- Quotes taken from a Notice of Civil Claim by Eminata Group against former employees 

The document was emailed to this blog by Eminata's legal counsel. Note: Eminata denies all the allegations and claims they are false and were made in an attempt to extort the company

Do I believe the claims to be truthful, regardless of motivations? Yes, I do. 


"In order to survive the politic and competitive environment at the campus I had no choice but do anything to recruit a student. I was on full commission with an advance draw. If I met my target, I will be able to cover my next months rent check. If I became the lowest revenue generator, I will be fired. Like the Jim Pattison tactic selling used cars. We face weekly bombardment on meeting the numbers and head count. No one talked about progress or education at these conference calls. Just numbers, leads, closing rate, fired or bonus. Stone cold process. Numbers, why missing he target, click, hung up, next campus. 

I was forced to make cold calls on Internet inquiries despite the fact that some of these leads were merely an indication of interest instead of solid interest from a prospective student. The marching order is to turn ice into boiling water. Use iPad, low interest loans, largest in Canada, guaranteed jobs to feed the pigs then slaughter them. No senior advisor is willing to help the newbies because every body count can mean job or jobless by the next review.

After Eminata bought UCW, first order of business was to target immigrant students because they tend to be pushovers and less likely to complaint about anything. I was instructed to inform an Indian student that if he complaints about the school, he will loose his student visa immediately. The student promptly shut up. Management quoted “international students are fatter pigs and easier to be slaughtered.”. It was funny how they said it in a meeting. I quit!"

-- "Former Staff" (Jan 5 2012) Source: here. Note: this comment was posted anonymously and can't be independently verified. I believe the source! 


Quote: "In July last year, Danny Danha, Eminata's former regional director of admissions and, later, its director of high-school liaison, alleged serious misconduct in a lawsuit against his former employers.

In his claim, Danha said he was headhunted in 2008 by Eminata's vice-president of marketing and admissions, Larry Heinzlmeir, leaving his job with the Art Institute of Vancouver, a direct competitor.

Before being fired in February 2011, the claim states, Danha was approached numerous times by students who said they had received "inaccurate and misleading" information about class sizes, enrolment costs and student loans.

The claim alleges Danha also witnessed and was told to perform some of the following "unethical practices: "

To use "erroneous job-placement statistics" to try to "entice" potential students to enrol at Eminata's schools; tell potential students that government funding was guaranteed and readily available to them, despite this not being the case; use the work of students from the Art Institute of Vancouver in a school marketing video and to "portray it as the work of" students from the Visual College of Art and Design (VCAD, Eminata's school); and to acquire admissions-training materials, financial-aid booklets, enrolment agreements and application forms from the Art Institute of Vancouver so that Eminata could copy them and use them for VCAD and the University of Canada West.

Also included was the following allegation:

"Leading up to the B.C. Liberal election of 2011, defendant's management encouraged the plaintiff and his co-workers to vote and sup-port candidate Christy Clark because she would purportedly be advantageous for the defendant's future in private education and would ensure that the defendant's employees keep their jobs."

All the allegations were denied by the Eminata Group in a counter claim and the case remains before the courts."

-- The Province (Original article: here)


Here is some of what former employees said while rating the company:

"A huge disappointment in leadership and communication ...

There was no job description, or method to measure successes or failures. Management constantly changed direction. There was no direction from immediate manager, and an expectation that the company systems and procedures would be known and understood... even though they were never explained. Nothing was in writing. I felt stressed the entire time there, less than 6 months."

"Waste of time unless you enjoy being a slave! ...

Be realistic in your demands on employees...if you want 150%, perhaps you should pay something close to that. Keeping employees who are scared to meet the revolving door does not make for a very fun place to work. I agree with the previous post, this company is trying to grow too quickly, without caring for the product they are offering to their students."

"Wouldn't bother ...

They over work you. Under pay you, and show little regard for the employee benefits. The are simply growing to fast. Advice to Senior Management: Realize who is helping build your company, the empolyees. Show them more respect in terms of pay and benefits. Please."

"Stay away ... No one lasts for more than a year. Crazy and incompetent upper management."

"Confused senior leaders ...

Address issues in a timely manner. Address them head on and don't sweep anything under the rug. Make a clearly defined decision and stick with it. Do not backpedal, stall or make half-hearted attempts to implement change when it's clearly not thought out in overall plans.

Take time to assess your employees properly. See what their skill sets are, see what their work experiences have been - trust that they can do the work without your micromanagement, or condescension.

Work on communication to your employees on all channels.

Give employees the resources they need to complete their tasks properly. This includes better technology (or holding the Tech Support team responsbile for providing such systems in a timely manner), better work environment (considerations such as office space, gym, chairs, etc)."

--- From reviews at "Glassdoor.com" (see: here) Note: these comments were posted anonymously and cannot be verified. I do believe the reviews were submitted by actual former employees. 


If you are a former or current employee of the Eminata Group and would like to share your story, please contact me. You must be prepared to provide proof of your employment (for verification purposes) but be assured I will never share your information with any other parties or keep it where it can be accessed.