A Warning to Indian Students

Students from India are big business for the Eminata Group. Not only are they a lucrative source of income, but they're less likely to complain, take legal action or know their rights.

Eminata actively advertises its schools in India and encourages students to come to Canada to attend college on student visas. (Indians make up the largest group of foreign students coming to Canada to study)

I would advise all Indian students (within Canada and overseas) to avoid all post-secondary institutions associated with the Eminata Group. 

The following are real quotes (original spelling included) by overseas students:

"I’m from India and warn others to spread the news. Don’t waste money here. sales people make lots money when they get you to come. It is not a friendly school and there are better schools in india. chinese embassy warned students about this school. Indian embassy should do the same. They are cheaters."
          (JJ: Canada University West)

"I am from India. I went here and left to go home with no actual degree. The school is unacredited. The school ripped me for $30,000! and then they closed down teh school and I had to go learn in a crapy office building and watch movies in class. School is not a real university. I suggest no Indian students attend this School. Schools in INDIA are much better, Also, the actual universities in Canada, like UBC and UVIC are much cheaper and have good reputation. I suggest you go there and not here. Tell all your friends, this school is a scam.For example, they give MBA to students who cant speak english and do math or write a proper essay. In real schools they would be expelled but here they just want your money, so they will keep any student even if they are very stupid.This school is a diploma mill in Canada. it should be illegal."
         (Akbar: Canada University West)

"this school is a bunch of liars. the dean is not organized and everything is such a mess. University Canada West was not what Diwakar told me it would be like it is dumpy and messy and all the staff are pushy and rude no one is very helpful and the Academic man Darin talks about himself instead of helping me. it is not worth the money – go to UBC for a better education. these people dont know what they are doing. The woman president looks like she is going to cry all the time. it is very disorganized and not worth the money they charge. do not go here-stay in india – it is better there than this school. save your money"
         (Ghummniakara : University Canada West)

"School is unaccredited. They say they are accredited by some fake agency, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. Avoid this diploma mill at all costs. It is a scam for people from India. The “school” is a total scam, the MBA program is a joke and I analogize the “university” to Devry. Go to a real school and save you career and money – UBC and U Vic are CHEAPER!!!!"
         (Anonymous: University Canada West)

"Very unorganized for the $ they charge. saying it will get better is like saying we know we suck but come anyway. marketed in india to students (some) who wouldn`t get in anywhere else in canada. easy way in through immigration….rude staff, very pushy but culturally correct for student population, dumpy Vancouver campus, old equipment, lacking library, a dismal approach to education. parent company is ethically questionable. Don`t waste your valuable time and money – UCW is a diploma mill SCAM. they care about statistics not students…… i left and went to a true main stream university and was so glad."
          (Mohammed: University Canada West)

"I am from india and an ex student of this so called “university”.i req students from India not to fall in their trap. Avoid university canada west. Consultancy people say shit abt this unvi to us. Dont believe them. It effect your future so much.This is not at all an university. It is placed in two floors of a office building. Its so small place. Govt schools in our country are better than this.Dont waste ur money. This is my personal exp."
         (Kiran: University Canada West)

"For Indians:You pay 12 lakhs as fee.The consultancy gets 2 lakhs from canada west.Remember !!!!!"
         (KK: University Canada West)

"Do not go to this school. Liars, cheats and money grubbers. Call and report them to higher authority, I did. They’re under investigation from alot of high up regulatory places. Vancouver campus is a joke. archaic and not many computers, pathetic library, can’t talk unless English – even in halway. Waste of money-degree no good. no universities take transfer, and that should say lot….. waste of time yet they keep going to india to talk people into coming. commission must be paid to those – under the table hand greasing no doubt. weak leadership and unethical parent company. horrible – stay away"
          (Kaur: University Canada West)

 "I met Daren and Ben in Hyderabad and they issued me and my friend spot acceptance letter despite our low grades and percentage of marks. They did not have any respect for their own admission requirements.In their presentation, they only talked about quality of life in Vancouver. They had nothing to say about the quality of university, campus, professors. They were selling university like insurance or mutual funds sales man.We suspected their motives and found out that UCW is nothing but a business to rob students from Asian countries as local Canadian students, do not join UCW at all.All Asian students beware of the UCW scam and stay away from them"
        (Harish: University Canada West)

" I should have listened to my friends and family and not applied to UCW. I had applied for the November 2011 program at UCW and I received a visa rejection despite meeting all the requirements of the visa!!!!Canadian Consulate does not like UCW and is rejecting students. They know that UCW is a fradulent university and will be closing.Now I have been asking for my refund from UCW and it has been 8 weeks already and my MONEY HAS NOT BEEN RETURNED??? WHO CAN I SPEAK AT THE GOVERNMENT LEVEL IN CANADA TO GET MY MONEY BACK???? I am stuck and need help to get my money from these thieves.They are all liars. BEN THAPA told me that I would get my money in 3-4 weeks, now its been 8 weeks, what is happening?? UCW has taken more than 2 Lacs from me which is more than 4000 dollars and now will not return it. I will complain about Ben Thapa lying to Canadian Consulate, not trust worthy at all.I AM WORRIED!!! Please help if you know who I should speak to. Please!!!!!!!!!!"
         ("Visa Rejections!!!": University Canada West)

 "UCW is steal and committing all the possible act of stealing money from innocent students from India and other regional countries. Canadian consulate is fully aware now and rejection of visa are the only possibility for UCW applicants, if any.UCW students are not getting jobs and are working as unskilled workers in malls and restaurants.Please be aware and don’t waste your money,time and career by looking at UCW."
       ("Day Light Robbers": University Canada West)

"Whole Group is scam, check on Google the following:Check out Google keywords:“Truth about CDI College”“Vancouver Career College Complaints”“University Canada West Complaints”CBC story on UCW.Look at life style of Management staff and their offices. Please visit their offices and look at the pathetic UCW campus, which is not even equipped with proper chairs for the students. Verify yourself by visiting offices and campus, if you don’t believe me"
         (Rohit: University Canada West)

"Please don’t go especally hyderabad guys and indian students to this university because its waste and the college is single floor and top waste college in canada and request canada govt to close this college."
        (From Hyderabad: University Canada West)

 "Hello All,Media has begun to expose the scam being conducted by University Canada West in Canada. Please see the article that has been published in Deccan Chronicle and The Asian Age all over India exposing the scam institution UCW. We are corresponding with the media in Canada to expose the scam by UCW and its parent company Eminata Group owned by Peter Chung.‘dubious’-canadian-varsity-972Indian students and all students are being warned not to apply for this dubious varsity and the matter has been also sent to the Indian Embassy in Canada, High Commission of Canada in India and the Ministry of Advanced Education in Victoria.Amit PandaSenior CorrespondentThe Asian Age"
         (Amit Panda: University Canada West)

"IUCW is a scam university, wasting time,money.and career of innocent students from India and other Asian countries.These students come thinking that its a Canadian university, must be offering quality education, but I am repenting and stuck because I have taken huge loan. Other universities in Vancouver are not accepting credit transfer as they do not recognize UCW as a university. they are asking me to start a fresh, thereby wasting my 11 months of MBA program.. Can somebody guide me, what should I do."
        (Rajesh: University Canada West)

"I’m from India..i’ve compeleted my B.Tech degree and enrolled myself in CDI’s “Network & Internet Security Specialist” :/
They show you dreams that are not fulfilled.
CDI made all efforts to rip me and my career apart.
In my experience A LOT of places won’t hire you if you got your diploma at CDI.
This place is a shit..
Plz save your lives peeps .."
         ("Grabby Manitoba": CDI )

For dozens more complaints about UCW and Eminata Group (mainly Indian) click HERE

Eminata Group should be ashamed of taking advantage of international students and misleading them. It is difficult enough for Canadian nationals who have been defrauded to pay back their loans, never mind foreign students with lower valued currencies who might be giving up all their family's savings!


Use the currency converter above to learn the value of a college course by Eminata ($9,000 + estimate) in Indian Rupees or other foreign currency.

* Please share this page with international students and link to Indian websites to warn students there.