To make a long story short, I will share the following quote from another post:

"I decided to make this blog after having a horrible experience at Vancouver Career College. The admissions representative who signed me up misled me into agreeing to an extended course and taking out a larger loan which put me in debt an extra $10,000. I heard similar complaints from other students at the campus. I believed the course I agreed to was necessary for my training and was unaware until half-way through the course that I'd been duped. I did not take legal action afterwards because I am a single parent to a child with a disability and felt I could not afford legal representation and that I could not win. 
After having read hundreds of complaints on the internet about Eminata's training institutions and how students had been treated -- I was incensed. I then read Cassidy Olivier's articles in The Province which further confirmed what I'd discovered: it was not simply unethical people on our campus, but a company wide problem encompassing several colleges across the country."

I attended one of VCC's shitty campuses in BC. It was an old bank they had converted into a "campus". I gave in to high-pressure sales tactics and allowed myself to be duped.

Our teacher was a former nurse with no professional teaching experience or qualifications. The class that was supposedly "filling up" and "nearly unavailable" had roughly half a dozen female students.

The whole thing looked and felt like a fly-by-night operation with inconsistent teaching staff, rotating "admin" staff, sometimes non-functional heating and A/C, issues with payments and equipment, etc.

Class basically consisted of a bunch of under-educated, gullible non achievers sitting around gossiping. Our "teacher" was an immature twit who behaved unprofessionally by having favorites, helping us basically cheat in work and tests (by giving answers beforehand), changing marks for her favorites, talking about blow jobs, getting personal with students and even having them house sit, etc.

The women sat around gossiping and badmouthing each other and constantly bullied me or barked at me when I complained we were getting little service and 'education' for the amount of money we'd paid. The teacher even had the temerity to join in on the gossiping and insulting of students that weren't present.

Several students (in my class and others) complained to me they had been duped by staff into longer/more expensive courses which were unnecessary. When I suggested taking action through a joint formal-complaint or even lawsuit, nobody was willing to go any further with me. I did not have the money or means to attempt this by myself, (and was not aware of certain formal 'complaint processes' set up by the province) until after I'd graduated and the statute of limitations had passed.

From what I gather by reading other complaints and stories, the status quo generally continues.

Save your money. Don't waste your time.

VCC may sound like the 'sensible option' if you are in a rush to get an education, haven't finished high school, come from another country, or are undergoing personal issues which make the speedy course and sales pitch look good - but you are BEING SCAMMED into a foolhardy enterprise.