Eminata vs VCC Scam

At this time the only action taken against this blog has been an email with a Cease and Desist letter requesting that the blog be shut down and a formal apology issued. Included in that email was a copy of a Notice of Civil Claim against other individuals which Eminata had taken to court - a thinly veiled, indirect threat that it would also happen to the owner of this blog. The email was received mid April, 2012. 

I have refused to comply with the requests, and so far have received no other notifications or emails. I am awaiting further possible action and intend to fight for the right to keep this blog open. 

To view my response and a copy of the emails, see this previously posted reply below: 


This blog has been sent a Cease and Desist Letter as well as a Notice of Civil Claim, via email.

The documents are shown below. And just absolutely for the record: I have never once met, contacted, or spoken (in any capacity) to: 

Diwaker Ghandi, Deepak Ghandi, Younes Shayan, Abacus Education Advisers, Inc., nor "John Doe" or "Jane Roe" or any other supposed "conspirators".

I had read in one of Cassidy Olivier's articles for The Province that Eminata had accused a former employee who conducted business on its behalf of "conspiring" against the company and attempting "extortion", and had launched a complaint with Vancouver police - who later dismissed it.

I thought to myself that there was likely little merit to the claim and that they were using legal action as a way to intimidate him and keep him quiet about complaints he made against the company. Eminata claimed however (on several websites) that he was attempting "extortion". (More details are available in the court documents below - and readers can decide for themselves what they think.)

I made a joke about the incident in which I stated "repeat after me: it's all a conspiracy, it's all a conspiracy" etc., a direct reference to Peter Chung's claims that there was a "conspiracy" against Eminata and himself, and that "unknown persons" of some shadowy variety were attempting to conduct it. In no way did I imply, suggest, or admit that I am part of the so-called "conspiracy", but Eminata has taken the opportunity to email me a copy of a civil claim against these individuals to "warn me" (ie: indirectly threaten me) about action taken against other individuals who "defamed" the company (ie: attempted to tell the truth in our litigious society).

I decided to make this blog after having a horrible experience at Vancouver Career College. The admissions representative who signed me up misled me into agreeing to an extended course and taking out a larger loan which put me in debt an extra $10,000. I heard similar complaints from other students at the campus. I believed the course I agreed to was necessary for my training and was unaware until half-way through the course that I'd been duped. I did not take legal action afterwards because I am a single parent to a child with a disability and felt I could not afford legal representation and that I could not win.

After having read hundreds of complaints on the internet about Eminata's training institutions and how students had been treated -- I was incensed. I then read Cassidy Olivier's articles in The Province which further confirmed what I'd discovered: it was not simply unethical people on our campus, but a company wide problem encompassing several colleges across the country.

Eminata is attempting to intimidate me with legal action. Knowing that I am a single mother of a disabled son, of limited means, and unable to afford expensive lawyers - they are attempting to use this legal intimidation to stop me from telling the TRUTH about the company and what has been done to hundreds or thousands of students across this country!

But I will not stop this blog until legally forced to. Even if Eminata had been compelled to offer me a settlement or financial compensation - I still would not have shut down this blog because it is a much needed public resource to help other vulnerable, poor, defenceless youth and people from being mistreated by the company and put into a decade of debt. SHAME ON THE CROOKS AT EMINATA !!!!

Letter to VCC Scam

Filed Notice of Civil Claim - 4 April 2012

I explicitly stated that many things on this blog were my opinion or my advice and the complaints and stories from other students are direct quotes (or links) from other websites on the internet and for which I stated it was the viewer's obligation to discern accuracy (see: Disclaimer), but that I had linked in good faith believing them to be true. Has Eminata also taken legal action against these websites?

TRULY SCUM. It is not enough to defraud people out of 10k-20k, to ignore complaints, to refuse compensation and to threaten people (calling them "conspirators" and suing them) but now Eminata attempts to intimidate me by sending me a COPY of legal action taken against other people and attempts to stifle my FREEDOM OF SPEECH !!!