To: Peter Chung
Executive Chairman
Eminata Group

Dear Sir,

I would like to ask why you have taken no steps to correct the blatant corruption, fraud and dishonesty which is rife in your organization the Eminata Group and more specifically within its owned post secondary institutions, namely: Vancouver Career College, CDI College and University Canada West. 

As executive chairman it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees do not engage in illegal and immoral practices which destroy lives, drive people to bankruptcy, lead to financial ruin, and waste students' time, efforts and careers. 

You must surely be aware that numerous lawsuits have been launched against these for-profit institutions which gain students or "clients" due to deceitful practices and then engage in unethical behaviour? You must also know that the internet is awash with thousands of complaints from across the country by students who have been defrauded by your organization? 

It cannot have escaped your notice that these institutions provide poor service for exorbitant tuition and that they exploit the most vulnerable, naive, desperate and ill-informed people who are often misled into enormous debt based on lies? 

How do you feel about earning your fortune by defrauding innocent and well-meaning people who are simply looking to get an education and improve their lives? Are you ashamed of having institutions which have forced thousands of students into unnecessary courses in order to earn extra money? 

Do you see the hypocrisy in creating videos about "hope", "hard work", and promoting religion and moral principles when you are yourself responsible for leading an organization which often ruins lives, refuses to reform, refuses compensation to victims, and earns money off defrauding the Canadian public? 

You speak of your mother and the hard work she endured to move to the United States and create a better life for your family. Would you have had someone treat your mother in the manner that you treat so many others - particularly single mothers who are forced into debt and poverty based on the fraud your organizations perpetuate?

I hope that the money you have earned is worth the wreckage that you have left behind for so many. You should be ashamed of yourself, your actions, your CEO, Eminata Group, your "career" colleges which are for-profit and the equivalent of an educational loan-shark. You sir, are an absolute disgrace. 


A Defrauded Member of the Public

March 09, 2012.