Student Complaints: Vancouver Career College

The following are student complaints about Vancouver Career Collegerun by the Eminata Group. All complaints have been taken directly from the internet. I have tried to show links to the original sources I quoted from. (Please note: in time these links may disappear or change). 

The following have been taken from College Times:

"Don’t waste your time and Money coming to this joke of a place. Don’t fall for their lies and good listening skills because they want your money and that’s all. I am currently enrolled in the construction electrician apprenticeship program. Worst mistake of my life. Listen to those of us who have already made the mistake. DONT DO IT!!!!!  -- Your Name"

"I have been told, “Off the record” by many employers and employment agencies that they WILL NOT consider hiring anyone who took a program at Vancouver Career College. This “school” does not provide programs that meet industry standards. I know of someone who took the electricians program and was not allowed to take the provincial exam. Wasted his money, as I did in the paralegal program. They didn’t even teach every thing that was on the course outline. They are a rip off. Go to Douglas College or Vancouver COMMUNITY College, or any other publicly funded school. It is less expensive and you will be given an education that is relevant and up to industry standards. This school is a joke. 
-- Not Impressed"
"Vcc is a total joke…word has it dino cabalfin was fired for not only harasament but also stealing money from the college! Director of crime stoppers And a criminal…my oh my
Avoid at all costs! It is highly overpriced and most companies will not hire vcc graduates. The kelowna campus is run down and lacks equipment needed for every program. -- Meg"

VANCOUVER CAREER COLLEGE… its not education they want to give you. its your money they want to take.  -- Mely"

"Kelowna VCC is a total and utter scam. They are strictly for profit and will do whatever it takes to have each and every student drowning in debt.
Dino Cabalfin the campus “director” is a sleazy, disrespectful, arrogant asshole who thrives off ripping people off. Don’t worry he won’t discriminate, he enjoys treating each and every future/current/past student like crap.
STEER CLEAR of this school and all of its branches. -- Sam Weshel"

 Run, run far away from this school. First they cost more than public school and they aren’t recognized by anyone anywhere. Out of my graduating class only 3 people got proper jobs, everyone else is back to what they were doing before and owe at least 14k. Nobody has a proper schedule and teachers are on a week by week basis, sometime they don’t even know what classroom theyre supposed to be in. Some people are on Ipad some aren’t, books are mixed up and sometimes even the tests were based on a previous years book. In the end nobody can help you at this school. Everyone gives you the run around and repeat the same illusive answers. Nobody seems to be responsible, nobody seems to know who the proper person to speak to is, and nobody is going to give u a refund. -- SP"

This school is totally ridiculous. The admissions rep will do anything to trap you to be enrolled. The first few months went smooth but after they get the money they don’t care. Towards the end of my program there were like 5-8 classes running in one overcrowded classroom with only one teacher. I did most of the learning myself even though I paid full fees to attend an on-campus course. However, it seemed like an online course since some of my courses there was no learning from the instructor. It takes forever to get your marks. Some students are on their practicum a and about to graduate and marks are pending.
I totally regret going to this school. I would like the school to refund part of my tuition fees since some courses I didn’t get a single teaching from the instructor. I did all my work on my own.
Classroom was overcrowded at the Surrey Campus. Had to run back and forth from the Surrey to the Gateway campus as nothing was organized. And the school just enrols anybody who comes across at any time of the year and learning was so difficult because the classrooms were usually super noisy.
The instructor of the head of school don’t do anything to make your learning comfortable or at least give you service for the money paid. And compulsory iPad was just a money making thing since I paid $550. The school must have got it cheaper coz it bought so many but we still had to pay $550. More frustrating was that most of my main program books were not even on the iPad. I don’t know if there’s a way to take any action against the school.
My stay at the school was a bad experience and I would not recommend anyone to this school. -- Rani"

 "DO NOT ATTEND THIS COLLEGE, you will be throwing your money away.
The teacher for my program was incompetent, told us that we were ginea pigs for the new curiculum. I learned absolutely nothing that I didn’t already know. The instructor was always grumpy, refused to answer questions etc.
When student complained to the administration, nothing would change with the teachers attitude. 
When I went to administration myself, although they said they were very approachable they were immediately defensive and bullying, said they would help but didn’t. Then proceeded to avoid any further contact with me.
$20,000 down the drain. 
This college (Kelowna Campus) SUCKS big time.  -- Anonymous



"I was a Admissions advisor for this college, i quit recently because of the things that i have to do in order to pay my rent but i cannot sleep at night.
To all would be students on this “College”
The admission advisors in this “college” are fake, they are all 100% comission, they get a cut when u stupidly sign up.
Everyone is accepted even if they are legally blind. Take your money go somewhere else. -- Anonymous"

"VANCOUVER CAREER COLLEGE… its not education they want to give you. its your money they want to take.
Ipad ebooks, yeah they use it to lure you in they campus. BUT WAIT! YOU HAVE TO READ THEIR CONTRACT EVEN THE FINE PRINT. I agree they they are friendly to the fault. I am not a wealthy aristocrat, but hey even when your are dirt poor who wants to obtain something in life… well they will use it against you and squeeze every penny out of you… So much for “we are helping every students with financial difficulty”. One of the financial aid told me
“Why did you enrolled here if you don’t have money?” well Ms. Financial aid. that is why i have student loan. Oh yeah. If only half of your student loan got approved, start saving up because they will humiliate you, harass you in front of other staff members.
Administration Reps 75% of them are useless. They will help you settle in then boom, bye bye because you already signed the contract. they will pass you around from staff to staff just to get the help you need.
Oh yeah. They told me MY BOOKS are included in my tuition fee, that ipads can be optional, that I can refund my book/ipad fees if I do not want them.
WELL THEY ARE ALL LIES. now they are asking me to pay half a gran to pay for my ipad when clearly they state in their website and may i copy paste it here.
Study at VCCollege, Get an iPad!
As of September 2011, all VCCollege students will receive an iPad when they begin their program! We’re trading in traditional textbooks for e-books on the iPad. This change will give you the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology that will enhance your learning and productivity. Our custom Learning Management System will also allow you to set the pace of your studies and interact with classmates and instructors even when you’re not in class!
At VCCollege, your success is our number one goal!”
so yeah. just recently they told me that my books are not included in my tuition fee, that it is separate, that my books are not in my contract. well WHAT THE f***ING HELL?? HOW DO YOU SUPPOSE I LEARN MY LESSONS, GOOD MADAM? if its not included in my tuition fee or contract.
“Forget the Ipads and i just want the books” i said. Ms. Financial aid told me “Well it isnt optional we do not hand out books anymore. Your books are in the Ipad” with a smile on her face.
WOW! well thats a relief…. how come it isnt in my contract/tuition fee if its not optional NOT to have it?!
smart, very smart indeed.
Their reasons… “WELL WE CHANGED THE POLICIES” then stop f***ing misleading your student with wrong information from the start.
for my conclusion:
VancouverCareerCrap administration is
They will make you feel YOU ARE the one at fault when clearly their staffs and ad reps constantly gives wrong information from the very beginning.
and to anonymous, Thank you for writing that letter. It is much appreciated.
Hope you can get that to the media too.

"Check out Google keywords “Truth about CDI College” and “University Canada West Complaints”. Same group, same M.O, same people, hundreds of complaints, lawsuits, and abuses. No one gives a shit.. Public opinion never lies. Run fast.  -- Sony"

"Just a word of advice :
For those who have considered or have applied to this school RUN. This school is run by a Big board of Directors who are in for your money called Eminata group who owns CDI College, Vancouver Career College, Vancouver College of Design and University Canada West all which have very bad reviews and upset students. employers i know WILL NOT hire students from this school. All have been in news for infamous reasons. Why do i know so much, my bf used to work there and he told me if it wasnt for the money he would have left. All admissions reps are paid by commissions aka YOUR MONEY and he says he would not even take a single course even if its FREE!!!.  -- Fake School"

"just recently dropped out and now I am on the hook for part of the tuition. What a fucking joke. This school is so useless. Everyone that works there is useless too. Spelling mistakes in emails, on transcripts and just about everything else. I’m trying to get out of the payments because I don’t think it’s fair. I won’t recommend this school to anyone!  -- Soupy"

"Anyone who is considering going to this school should seriously reconsider. The admin staff are so unprofessional it’s sickening. They wear uggs and sweat pants to school, and don’t know how to run the front desk, the finance department is absolutely awful to deal with. The whole experience has been a complete and total nightmare. The first 2 teachers I had quit. It seems like they just “wing-it” when this is someone’s future and $15,000 on the line. The curriculum is a joke, I have straight A’s and literally have not studied one time in 10 months. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL IT’S OVER -- Anonymous"

"There are more programs, than just LPN. Perhaps you are getting the “extra” help, which is great. But the school does have your money and you must be one in hundreds who have had a positive experience. I had to find my own practicum even when the school bragged that there were tons of places to get one. Once I mentioned which school I was with, they were quick to respond that they used to, but no longer accecpt practicum students. That’s because they don’t have the time to teach the students properly from just reading textbooks and repetition. Not too sure who you are referring to as “social degenerates” or “social awkward individuals”, I got my practicum and good grades because I worked my ass off without any help.  -- Re: Not so bad !!"

"If you want to know the definition of over promised-under delivered then go to this college. Every one pretends to be nice , and all they want is your money, you sit down there all day and read a text book and they call it school, how bout calling it a corparation with shareholders who needs your money….. the ‘instructor’ whom i recently found out doesnt even have a university degree!! cant even answer my questions. Its been 6 months and i have not found a job !! The so called Program advisors will claim before you sign up all their graduates get hire ….. yes, to be security gurads at your local Mall….. Folks, just like the above post…… RUN… take a plane if you have to …..i am going to write this in every post, forum ,media, wall if i have to and not let this so called school profit another cent out of the desperate who needs a good job…. bunch of liars !!! -- Cheated"

"I too am disappoited in this college. It would appear that it doesn’t matter what campus it is, the overall view for them is all the same. When a potential student walks in or inquires online, the eyes of the recruiters light up and all they see is a big ‘ol “$”. They become your best friend, do anything to make you feel welcome and get you to sign that paper. They are outgoing, smiling, cheerfull and eager to assist you. They want to get you started “right” away, waste no time to help you apply for financial assistance. You think to yourself “wow, this is going to be a great school, the staff is so nice.” They show off the marks, which are posted in the hall to boast about how well the students excell in thier classes. Marks don’t count, you do well because they drill the information by repitition. They hand out rewiews the day before an exam with what you need to know to pass. Then your thiers. Everything is great for the first few months, you can go to them for “anything”, “don’t hesitate to ask”, “we are here for you”. Ha Ha Ha. Once you get your final student loan signed and delivered to their hands, everything changes. They have your money, so why help you now. The staff became distant and “too busy”, as well as some becoming rude. They don’t assist in finding you a practicum. If you don’t get hired afterward, your required to go back for another week and learn how to job search. It was nothing but a big fat joke. To them you are only a number, an $11,000.00 one at that.  -- Money Whores"


"here’s an insight: my boyfriend worked at the place for a little while as a sales rep (the so-called “admissions advisor”), he said he would NOT take any of the programs at the school even if it’s FREE. and he quit because he never got any commissions they promised to pay out.  -- scamwatcher"

"Vancouver Career College is a scam!It’s the worst school ever.Vancouver Career College: This school i would not recommend to anyone. It is a rip off a con school they do not change lives through education they destroy them. This school will do anything for their bottom line. Having attended this school very briefly I learnt quickly at the different levels of corruption,I’m stillpaying paying a debt in a course i took. this shcool is really bad school they tell you to look for you’re own practicum and they just wannt you’re money they dont care about you and you’re need as a person. if you really want to go to private college choose another one but not this one..DO NOT GO TO VANCOUVER CAREER COLLEGE!!!   
-- was a student at vcareercollege"

"The school is teerible. Some of the teachers were fine however the main teacher for Graphic Design was a complete jerk. Completely un professional. Stay away from this scam college and get and accredited education from a college with a better repuation. Not only was the instructor impatient un professional and rude, he was pushing Nazi propaganda. I had also received funding from an agency helping peole with dis-abilities. On top of the funding from them the school talked me into taking out a loan. I was lead to beleive the loan was for $1000.00 sending money. However the loan was infact for $9000.00. $1000 for spending money plus full tutuion of $8,000.00 which was already paid for by the agency funding me. Bottom line is they frauded me and tricked me and mis appropriated $8,000.00 which I now owe to the government. A complete waste of time be weary of these con artist fraud\’s.  -- Deven the wronged"

"I thought mabye I would go to this one because I had an aquaintence do the course I was interested in. But I found out the reason she passed was because she was teachers pet. And others did not. And I heard from other students who dropped out, the same thing, if your not teachers pet you will have a really hard time or fail. How sad. The head lady also told me that the care aide course I was considering taking was accredited which it wasnt! She lied to me. My career counselor let me know asap. I hope they go out of business. Im going to a actual university now, half the price and teachers you can trust. DO NOT GO PRIVATE! YOU WILL BE SO SORRY!   -- Rena W"

"If you don’t want to waste your time and money, RUN!!! I’m in their ECE program and totally regret signing up. It’s less than 2 months into the semester and the teacher got changed 3 times already!!! When you need to talk to the so-called “campus director”, they never pick up the phone or answer your email. and yet, they’d always have time for flirting with some blond girl. so unprofessional.
worst school ever!!!! DO NOT GO TO VANCOUVER CAREER COLLEGE!!! -- Diana H."

"It’s the worst school ever. The teachers are not real teachers just some care aides or LPN that graduated a couple of years ago. The school sucks. Companies don’t hire you when they know you graduated from VCC.
None of my class mates have found a job so far.I wouldn’t recommend that school to any one.  -- John RCA"

"I attended VCC to get my ECE. The teachers were helpful and understanding. But the administration staff wouldn’t give you the time of day. Which might have been okay, if they didn’t screw up on your transcripts/marks everytime you got them.
Every time I got my transcript, (after asking for about a month) when it would finally get to me, marks were missing, I had marks for courses I didn’t even take, my start/end dates were wrong, and my student number was wrong. It happened everytime, to at least half the class, and the lady who was supposed to take care of it never did.They don’t help you find a practicum placement, and they don’t even come see you on practicum like they’re supposed to. How are they supposed to mark you when they don’t come see you?Horrible college. Would not come back to upgrade, and would definately not recommend to anybody.  -- DH"

"Worst school ever. They take your money and run. I lost my grant money because I was held up for a practicum.
Terrible teachers with appalling english, they base their marks on favouritism.As for the skills tests, they are a joke.I wouldn’t recommend this school to my worst enemy.  -- ANONYMOUS"

"Im attending this school as i type and i agree with everything that is said. my teacher has been changed 4 times already and the ding bat of a woman that they brought in is rude to the students. waste of money and you get a better education at Douglas collage  -- Anonymous 

"Vancouver Career College is a scam!The staff is friendly to the limit of getting your money.
The moment you need advice or some aid , the staff tend to be very busy with something else, but you.
Somehow the school has a license to function as an educational institute in Canada.
However, I’ve been told by Canadian government officials that:
Open Quote ” the study does not lead to a degree as authorized by the province/territory. “ end quote.
Also within the industries, plenty of companies tend to have a Question-mark by the Diploma gained.
So to that point, If your willing to waist your money, this institution might do just fine.  -- JP"

"this school is an absolute scamthe staff sucks no one ever know what they are doingthey don’t help you find a practicumthe teachers arent even real teachersyou dont learn anything the teachers are like esli hate this school and so does everyone else that goes to it  -- Nav"


"Vancouver Career College: This school i would not recommend to anyone. It is a rip off a con school they do not change lives through education they destroy them. This school will do anything for their bottom line. Having attended this school very briefly I learnt quickly at the different levels of corruption. People whom can’t pass a basic entrance exam are helped to pass, just to get them to enrol l, so the rep can make their commission. They are then signed up for more expensive and longer programs and once they have started and start to have difficulties they are told that they are just nervous they will do fine just continue and once their 3 months are up they tell you that you need to maybe look at a less difficult program something sorter. Sorter programs mean less money but not for you because you have already been there for 3 months and one of the contracts that they get you to sign states that after a certain period of time they don’t have to pay you back. So your stuck paying an atrocious amount for a program that you never really wanted to do but because of student loans its better than nothing. Nothing is organized the director doesn’t care what is going on they are more concerned about lunch and cig brakes and when they can leave to go to the pub. Advice stay away if you don’t want to be in debt. -- Steph"

The following have been taken from GRAD REPORTS:  

"Besides the fact that the admissions advisors straight up lie to you to get you enrolled-you WILL ALWAYS have trouble with the school. From everywhere! They screw up appointments and had classes show up to food safe and CPR classes and there was no one there. Then they refuse to reschedule even though everyone took the time off to drive and get their certificates and it turns out the school never booked the appointments. They books never work making it impossible to do homework or read. The Internet is poor so even though your expected to use online Apps on class you can never actually connect. I learned almost nothing to put towards my career...and I was a good student I showed up and got all A's. They say they place you in a practicum but they don't they expect you to find your own and if they do place you it's something unrelated to your feild... I was in social work and they placed me as a volunteer receptionist. How will that help me find a job?? I needed 2 days off for a wedding and they told me if I missed 2 days I automatically fail and I was in the wedding party! They also kick students out who are doing poorly so they an say they have a high success rate and job rate. I've seen about 7 kids leave mysteriously and when I see their facebook they say the school kicked them out and the are still stuck with the debt. And this review I had a good experience with the school, most kids has a worse time then me. If you are like me and looking for an education please don't take the easy route and go with any emi are school. They don't care about you, they care about your money. Please consider an accredited place you will be happy your did later.   -- CB"

"DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY COMING TO THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! There is an endless list of complaints I could give you from me, my classmates, and almost every single one of my fellow students at this college. I am attending the burnaby campus for the electrical program. I paid over 12,000 dollars for a course that promised good lab time, proper equipment, good instruction and curriculum etc. IT WAS ALL A GIANT LIE!!!!! 

This school is a money grab who doesn't give a F*** about you after you have paid your 12,600 dollar tuition. Let me give you a small list of what is wrong with this school. If you care about your money time and future, read it through. A) begins with the admissions. You come for your Meeting, they are really nice, accommodating, convincing......little do you know they all work commission based. When you enroll, they get their cut 

b) this school does not supply you with all you need! Text books are half hard copy half online. Books weren't received until weeks after the course started, and you don't have a choice in getting the Microsoft surface they provide. You can have an iPad or surface or tablet already and still must pay for this surface. Our teacher never received either hard copy books or online books. How is he supposed to teach without a book? C) labs. We were promised good lab time, good lab experience, lots of supplies etc. another lie. We have had a few hours of lab time....TAKING APART THE OLD LAB WITH HANDHELD SKREW DRIVERS!!!! not allowed drills, we have to use SKREW drivers. So far, half way through this course, that's all we have seen of the lab. On top of that, they are spending money on equipment we are never going to use or see in our first year term as an apprentice. 

D) the administration is a bunch of blubbering idiots who pretend to listen to you and sweep all your complaints under the rug. They listen very very VERY well. And do absolutely nothing about anything. This school "has no head office" and so you can complain and threaten and throw a tantrum and they will smile and agree and you will see no improvement. Nothing. It's pointless. 

E) they neglect to tell you important things until after your probation period is over. You have about 3 weeks to decide to drop out with a full refund....and they don't break things to you until after this period. We just learned that all of out work, tests etc for the 6 months of our course count for 0 percent of our mark. The 3 final exams count for 100 percent of our mark. 

F) this school can not hold onto it's instructors. I have been here for 3 months. I have watched the other class run through 4 teachers in the last 3 months. They can't stand it here, they just can't handle the bad administration, the lack of lab and supplies and the bad curriculum. One left to teach at BCIT, another left to make some actual money, one had a nervous breakdown and started crying at the staff meeting, one heard about the marking method, got angry as F*** and never showed up again. Now my teacher has announced that although he wants to stick with us and see us succeed, he might get a job offer in north van and he will probably take it. G) they don't pay their staff properly. Out teacher announced he was not paid last week, and neither was the rest of the staff at this school. 

H) this school uses the curriculum from other institutions. I'm pretty sure this is illegal. But, the administration gives our teacher worksheets from BCIT and Quantlan to hand out to us. He doesn't do it but he lets us know. This school hasn't developed it's own curriculum. Our teacher learned that the head of all the electrical programs for the entire lower mainland went to BCIT and bought their textbook to copy out and use their curriculum. This is DEFINITELY illegal. The list Goes on and on, this is just a few things we have to complain about. The only thing that has stuck my class to this school is our instructor. He is amazing, but he can't stand it much longer. Please listen to those of us who have gone through this and made the mistake already. For the amount you pay, you do not get your money back in this program. It is worth the wait list to BCIT, it's worth waiting anywhere. And it's not just this course. It's a problem with the institution, with those in charge, it's going to affect every program. It's bad enough that we hear complaints from the massage therapists and the early childhood education students. DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF COMING HERE!!!!!!!!! Sincerely The entire morning classes of the construction electrician apprenticeship program  -- Rasa Moore"

"Currently enrolled in electrical foundations at VCC. This was the biggest mistake of my life. Before I signed up I had let the career advisor know I am wanting to start next year and I get a message 2 weeks later saying I am starting in about a week. The career advisor had voluntarily signed me up for this year completely ignoring my wishes to start school next year. All this school cares about is your money!! This school can't hold a teacher for more than a week and there head teacher for the course has just quit 3 weeks before finals leaving me and my class in a big problem. I was told that this course involves ALOT of hands on experience and that whenever you need help there will be a teacher around to answer your questions...WRONG. I have had only less than a week of hands on experience as well as having class start at 2pm when original time was 1pm. Beware these people will tell you ANYTHING you want to hear just to get your money. Your well being and career is the LAST THING ON THERE MINDS!! My class is now 2 weeks behind when we only have about 3 weeks left. Take into consideration that 2 out of those 3 weeks is dedicated to review for our final exams. I highly HIGHLY recommend everybody to research their educational options thoroughly.  -- Anonymous"

"Took a computer networking class in 2002, the "diploma" is so worthless to tell the truth I dont even know where mine is... Maybe I put it thru the shredder. I run a construction business now. Like other reviewers said, one of the teachers was awesome, but the rest pretty much sucked. Not kidding, some were even immature, or overtired. I also noticed an awful lot of turnover in their staff, doesnt seem like a long term place as a career for a teacher, probably dont pay very good. First warning sign - you cant even get pricing without setting up a meeting with an "admissions counsellor" who is basically a what I consider a used car salesman, a trained and commisoned salesperson. I'm pretty sure the first thing she said after shaking my hand was "how do you feel about making lots of money?" with a big smile on her face. It even seems silly that they make you take a test to get in, I think its just a form of making it seem more real or something by giving you a hoop to jump thru because there were a couple idiots in my class that shouldnt have been there(no offense to them) I just mean they shouldnt have passed the admission test, trust me this college will take in whoever they can get. I sincerely feel as though I got ripped off by a company taking advantage of youthful ambition and people seeking a better life/education. The course was a 1 year crash course, we went thru a 20" $1000 stack of books in 11 months. How much do you think we absorbed? Going to this college is one of my life's biggest regrets, because I was stuck with a student loan for years to come. The course costed about +-9000 with government grants. At the time they actually advertised a 100% job placement record, and all these support services, but once you graduate, your done there. Short and simple. I kept in contact with a few of the 10 or so folks in our class, and none of us work in computers, thats a big fat 0%. I wish I spent some time going to UFV or something, and got a diploma or bachelor from a place that is more government involved and not a private run business. Sure it takes more time but for good reason. Its also cheaper, and more respected. Just do it the old fashioned way and you'll be better off. I could write a 10 page review about the crap that went on there but I'll keep it simple - Please avoid this place like the plague and get a real education.  -- Not Happy"

The following was taken from Complaints Board

"I was mislead (lied to) by the admissions rep who earned at least part of his salary on commission. He lied and conned me into signing up for a one year course when all that I required for my training was the short 6 month course. This put me in school for twice as long and cost me twice the debt.

Tuition rates were exorbitant and grossly inflated. The school itself was located in an old bank, the staff were unprofessional, and the rep who got me to join was later fired for misleading numerous students into larger courses/loans/debts. My professor was an ex-nurse with no teaching experience who sat gossiping with the girls in my class all day long like cackling hens. Anybody who didn't join in the gossiping, backstabbing or extra-curricular activities was mocked, bullied and treated poorly. The curriculum was very poor and mainly was just reading out of text books and repetition. There were constant issues with the school itself, the staff, paperwork and all kinds of problems - it was a horrible experience. 

VCC did not reimburse me, refused to deal with my complaints and issues, and to date I am 20K in debt thanks to this FRAUD of a school whose sole aim it is to make money. The rep rushed me into class by stating they were "starting soon" and that the class was "filling up" and pressured me to make my decision quick. I was naive and ill-informed and rushed and manipulated by various staff into taking courses I didn't need and getting a huge student loan from the government to pay for it.

To date, my "career" has not profited me one bit, I am massively in debt, many people won't hire me once they know where I've graduated, I am told my "qualifications and training" aren't applicable in various jobs and other cities and provinces - and it's been an utter misery.

I've come to find that hundreds (if not thousands) of students across the country have my exact same complaint, and that countless have been conned, lied to and ripped off by this fraudulent organization. It's owned by the "Eminata Group" which has been in the news several times, and all of its owned schools (including Vancouver Career College, CDI, and others) have dozens of pending lawsuits and are being investigated for wrongful and illegal practices. 

Peter Chung, the executive chairman came to Canada to set up his business after being driven out of the USA due to his corrupt practices, sued, losing his business and having his assets frozen -- he now does the exact same thing up North that he did down there with no repercussions thus far. 

DO NOT GO TO VANCOUVER CAREER COLLEGE ! It is a waste of time, a HUGE waste of money and it will put you in big debt, waste your time and ruin any potential 'career' you are aiming for by association. HUGE CON JOB.  -- (Written by the author of this blog)

"I went to the surrey campus. Such a joke. Wish I NEVER went there. I've been advised to sue them, just don't know how."
 I'm worried they've discarded of my certificates and work. We were not permitted to keep our original tests, exams or transcripts. I've been trying to get ahold of my records but I keep getting the run around. It's been 2 years! Some campuses are probably alright, but where I went I got royally screwed. I would rather have gone to a REAL college-- not a " career college ". Private colleges can screw you anyway they want and get away with it. NSLSC says I should cut my losses and redo the course at a community college. It's a same that I cannot transfer any credits over from CDI or VCC to my new college bee cause thy are private and crecits can only transfer between campuses. What a shame.
-- Justice4students"

"well here is an old horror story, my hubby went to VANCOUVER CAREER COLLEGE in Abby back in 2002 or 2003 he was taking a pharmaceutical course .. Now he had been talked into a HUGE student loan, with the provincial and federal student load ... While taking his course the school moved to a "new location" where they are now off of Ware street. In this moved they apparently LOST ALL info on my hubby being a student, just before he was to start his practical and do the last test.. I have said a HUGE HELL NO to repaying the student loans, now we are in 2015, and in November of 2014 my hubby was contacted by the two different student loan companies wanting there money.. So I phone the V>C>C> and told them they better look into finding my hubbys info ( since we had a house fire we lost everything in 2011) and my plan is to pay them both all off and then im going to start the works of suing them.. to get MY money back... and im still waiting to hear back from V>C>C> about the whereabouts of all my hubbys info..   -- J Toft"